The Japanese government expressed disappointment regarding recent comments by United States President Joe Biden, who characterized “xenophobia” as a factor harmful to Japan’s economic growth. In statements made by the government’s main spokeswoman this Tuesday, Japan rejected Biden’s assessment as regrettable.

Biden had claimed last week that “xenophobia” in economies such as China, Japan and India was negatively impacting their economic growth, while defending the benefits of immigration to the US economy during a fundraising event in Washington.

In response, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi, at a press conference, expressed concern about the United States’ misinterpretation of Japanese policy, without going into specific details on the matter.

Despite discontent with the comments, Hayashi emphasized the firmness of ties between Japan and the United States, highlighting Tokyo’s commitment to further strengthening this strategic partnership.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s visit to Washington in April resulted in military cooperation plans and joint projects, such as space initiatives, aimed at strengthening the region amid regional challenges, mainly coming from China and Russia.

During the fundraising event, Biden highlighted the contribution of immigrants to US economic growth, while questioning the xenophobic stance of some countries, including China, Japan, Russia and India.

Japan, despite facing demographic challenges, has historically been cautious regarding immigration, opting for restrictive policies. While acknowledging the need for skilled labor, Prime Minister Kishida has ruled out implementing a comprehensive immigration program, highlighting resistance in Japanese society toward the continued and unlimited entry of foreign workers.

With information from Reuters


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