-If they arrive from Geneva, they will participate. I’m telling you that they are in Geneva, at a very important conference. I am going to participate in the march…

Pablo Moyano’s tense response summarizes a bit the climate that surrounds the CGT a few days after the treatment of the Bases Law and the Fiscal Package which, as even the labor union itself defined, is “a colonialization pact” and a labor reform precarious.

A few minutes ago a “regional plenary session” of the CGT had ended, which had not been so unitary. For those of us who were able to witness others, there was no “security” or flags or bars or “fats.” The call, provided for in the Cegetista statutes, had become a move by Moyano, the unions of the Federal Current and some allies to show some initiative a few days after the Law was processed.

As the truck driver acknowledged, a large part of the board of directors is in Geneva, where he travels every year to present his claims to the International Labor Organization (in addition to strolling through beautiful Switzerland).

Nobody knows if they will be there when the Senate tries to vote on the labor reform. What is clear is that, as a labor union and the majority of its unions, they are not preparing any forceful action to confront such an attack. While the “friendly” senators negotiate with Milei, while the governors quote their votes, the Cegetista leaders prepare a presentation at a meeting of officials, businessmen and union members.

If those were the absences, the plenary session was attended by some of the members of the Board of Directors and the currents that make up Peronist unionism. There were also guests. There were representatives from Truck Drivers, Banking, SMATA, Satsaid, Graphics, Roads, Canillitas, Maritime. To be precise, Mario Manrique was at SMATA: the internal affairs of Green Mechanics are on fire and Pignanelli has been intervening in several internal commissions led by the UxP deputy.

There were also guests who are not part of the Cegetista regionals. Among them are some union leaders, such as Néstor Segovia (Metrodelegates) and Alejandro Crespo (Sutna). Others who do not lead any union, are not even workers, like Alberto Fernández’s former minister, Gabriel Katopodis.

Crespo, from the Tire Black List, correctly stated that “in order for workers to mobilize en masse, a general strike is necessary that day. From the Tire we are going to stop and mobilize.”

But the plenary session already had everything quite “cooked.” The speeches were hard. Moyano attacked Milei and said that “the national senators, especially the Peronists, must stop singing the Peronist march and simply reject the Base Law. Because this rule violates the rights of workers.” Palazzo said that the march to Congress must be massive because he hopes that “the warmth of the working people will convince those who have doubts or cast votes due to lack of convictions.” “What is at stake will change our lives forever,” Manrique added.

However, the Cegetista delegates approved “the proposal to mobilize before the Senate on the day the Base Law is discussed.” The plenary session made it clear that it will be without assemblies, without strikes and without many of the CGT unions. Moyano assured some journalists that “we are going to mobilize 30 thousand truck drivers.” If so, it would be a significant contribution to the march. The same if they mobilized thousands and thousands of banking, mechanics, graphics, aeronautical and all the unions present. But no one can deny that the only way to stop Milei’s anti-worker and anti-popular conviction is with a response at that level. A strike with a paralysis of the country like on May 9, but one that is active to be able to mobilize hundreds of thousands like the educational march. It is totally possible. Those two days prove it.

But the “fats” are still in Geneva. If they do nothing against this attack it will be a betrayal.

There are only a few days left for treatment. The combative sectors and the left have been carrying out a campaign that included the days of February and April against the Bases Law and a Meeting of fighters who voted to mobilize massively. We will be there, along with the unions that mobilize, the CGT and the CTA, as well as human rights organizations, neighborhood assemblies, social organizations and students. We will continue to demand, in the days that remain, that massive and forceful action that deals a blow to the right and its entire plan.

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