Italian newspaper ridicules Bolsonaro honor, comparing him to Jack the Ripper

The Italian newspaper Padova Oggi, from the region where the city that granted honorary citizenship to Jair Bolsonaro in 2021 is located, this Saturday compared the former president to Jack the Ripper and said that the mayor of Anguillara Veneta has been avoiding questioning for six weeks.

The publication comes amid the motion proposed by minority councilors to withdraw the honor granted to Bolsonaro. The motion was rejected at a session held on Saturday morning. A police cordon shielded the site of the demonstrators.

In the article signed by Ivan Grozny Compasso, the newspaper Padova Oggi explains that it has been asking for explanations for more than a month from the mayor Alessandra Buoso, from the far-right party A Liga.

“Insults, pushing against journalists present, the mayor blinds the Chamber and then runs away”. According to the newspaper, to avoid journalists, Buoso left through the back doors of the session, which maintained Bolsonaro’s honorary citizenship.

“The mayor chose not only to refuse to respond, but fled through an alternative exit. Nobody answers anything. Asking is impossible, since depending on the mayor below, everyone hides. Mayor Alessandra Buoso, who we’ve been asking for a statement for six weeks, we don’t wait for an interview, she never has time. She is at work or being a mother. All respectable, but then why is she mayor? She is no longer available to the press. The issue is not just local, but international,” she says.

“It seems that they ignore the history of the green and yellow country, recent and past”.

“To prevent journalists from asking questions, from the city hall doorman to councilor Ivo Bedin and a colleague whose personal data we do not know, not only did they close the doors to those who asked for explanations, but they also took the liberty of laying their hands on journalists who wanted to just ask questions. The character is so fearless that she went into hiding like a mayor, secretly escaping like only someone with something to hide does.”

“Even the provincial secretary of the League, Nicola Pettenuzzo, said he was surprised by the behavior of the mayor, who in all these weeks not only refused to respond to the national and international press, but hid herself.”

According to the journalist, around 100 people were protesting outside the small town of just over 4,000 inhabitants, located in the north of the country.

In the article, the local newspaper ridicules the reasons for granting honorary citizenship. “A citizenship, that of Bolsonaro, granted because his ancestors left Anguillara. A bit like saying that if a great-great-great-grandfather of Jack the Ripper from this county could be found, honorary citizenship could also be granted to the serial killer.”

“We must all have respect and trust in the investigations and in the judiciary of the Brazilian Republic, which today has not pronounced any final sentence for the events in Brasilia. Therefore, the motion to revoke honorary citizenship is rejected”, justified the mayor of Anguillara Veneto, in a statement reported by the local press.

Cynicism reaches its peak. The international extreme right is in solidarity with each other, but the pressure is increasing. And the embarrassment too. She contradicts herself and reveals how her spirit is of a coup nature, anywhere.


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