President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) at a press conference in London. (Photo: reproduction)

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The president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) highlighted the importance of his presence during the coronation of King Charles III, in England. Lula recalled that it is the first time since 2012, during the Dilma Rousseff (PT) government, that a Brazilian head of state discusses business with the country. “In other words, Brazil has stopped talking and discussing. We got to have a trade flow of more than US$8 billion and it dropped to US$6 billion,” she said. “This was one of the best visits we had in England”, said Lula in an interview in London after the coronation ceremony.

Lula seeks to resume business and Brazil’s role on the international stage. For this, he considers England a strategic country. King Charles III expressed concern about environmental issues, which could bring an important ally to Brazil. “The first thing the king said to me was to take care of the Amazon. I said we need help. To preserve the forest, we have to think that on the Brazilian side, we have 25 million people. These people want to eat, go for a walk,” said Lula.

Yesterday the English already gave the first demonstration of good will in this sense. The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak committed himself, during a meeting with Lula, to join the Amazon Fund. “The prime minister assumed the responsibility of contributing to the Amazon Fund. We had lost everything. The former president (Jair Bolsonaro) did not apply. We had lost the bottom of Norway and Germany. Now we are not only applying, but we have received notice from Biden and now also from England.”

environmental leadership

The Brazilian president said that he will continue with a firm stance before the international community in matters involving the environment. And he again defended, now before the British, the holding of a UN Climate Summit (COP) in Brazil. More specifically in the Amazon. “I am pleading that we have a COP (the COP-30, in 2025) in the Amazon. That is, those who defend the Amazon, those who are against deforestation, will have the chance to be in the Amazon. You can even sleep on a boat on the Tapajós”, he commented.

Lula’s goal is to demand real action from the richest countries in the fight against global warming. “Since 2015, rich countries have pledged money for preservation. But the money doesn’t come. Preserving the forest is our responsibility. No one has the right to cut down a 100 year old tree to make a chair. The tree belongs to humanity. So, when discussing preservation, we need to discuss how to make the people of the forest live with dignity.”

Brazil protagonist

Lula attended the coronation in London alongside French President Emmanuel Macron. The two heads of state have a good relationship. France is even interested with particular legitimacy in the Amazon issue. This is because the country borders Brazil in the region, in the territory of French Guiana. In addition to reaffirming his willingness to hold the COP-30 in Brazil, Lula also demanded changes in global governance from Macron.

“I took advantage of Macron being here and we talked, because I want to talk with him the same conversation I had with China. Someone in this world needs to worry about peace. Someone needs to convince to stop the war. After that, sit down at a table and trade. So, this dialogue was very important”, said the president, in relation to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

To achieve a lasting peace, Lula defends reforms in the UN. Among them, the revision of the member countries of the Security Council, as well as the end of the veto power of this select group. “We need a new world governance. We cannot maintain the geopolitics of 1945. We need more representation from more continents, without the right to a Security Council veto. Brazil wants to be on the Security Council, but so do other countries in Africa and Asia. There is no explanation why India, with more than 1 billion inhabitants, is not. Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt, Mexico. So new governance is needed so that UN decisions are respected,” he said.

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