The social crisis emerged strong this Tuesday night. In various points of the Province of Buenos Aires and CABA, took place looting. It is not yet clear how large they are. Nor is it clear whether or not there are political operations of leaders or sectors of the bosses’ parties behind them. In any case, the background is an enormous economic and social crisis that is affecting millions of people.

About a very serious social situationhe government applied a new adjustment that makes food and other essentials more expensive. That adjustment that the national government deepened these days is the 22% devaluation decided by Sergio Massa based on the agreement with the IMF.

On this social crisis – aggravated by the Government of Union for the Fatherland every day – the demagogy of the bosses’ opposition is mounted. Patricia Bullrich appeared in the media and on social networks this same Tuesday night, proposing to “put order” and dictate a state of siege. That is, asking for repression. For her part, Milei spoke first of the crisis and then asked that there be “defense of the right to life, liberty and property.” They, like the government, propose more and more adjustment plans that would only worsen the current situation.

Desperation and political maneuvering should not lead to clashes between neighbors and small businesses, but aim at the real culprits of hunger and poverty: those who govern, the big businessmen and price makers, the big food companies and supermarkets.

What is in the background is a deep social and economic crisis that hits millions of working families. There are 20 million people in poverty, 6 out of 10 children and adolescents.

It’s necessary that the working class proposes its own way out in the face of the enormous ongoing social crisis. It is urgent to face this situation from its roots. It is necessary organize assemblies to impose an urgent plan of struggle and a national strike on the leaders of the CGT, the CTA and the social organizations to face this social crisis.

we have to guarantee that wages do not continue to lose to inflation. It is urgent to guarantee emergency increase for salaries, retirements and social programsand a minimum salary equal to the family basket for the whole working class. It is necessary to guarantee that salaries are indexed monthly according to inflation. In addition, we must fight to guarantee an immediate Emergency Income for informal workers and for the monotributistas of the lowest categories. In addition, as the Piquetera Unit and the independent social organizations demand, we must fight to that social programs and food to soup kitchens are not cutbut instead increase as an emergency measure, in the way of a fundamental solution to the problem of workthe fight for work with rights for all, 6 hours, 5 days a week with a salary that covers the family basket.

At the same time, it is necessary to put an end to the speculative maneuvers of the large business groups that set prices. It is the large food companies and the large supermarket chains who speculate with prices, imposing a chaotic situation on millions of people. Companies must be prevented from speculating on the hunger of the people. It is necessary the immediate opening of the accounting records of these large companies to disrupt the maneuvers. One has to expropriate large companies that speculate with prices and the hunger of the peopleso that they are managed by their workers and organized committees in the neighborhoods.

At the same time, we must reverse the tariffs, which are a huge blow to the working people and small businesses. It is necessary to guarantee the tax reduction for those same small businesseswhich have been hit hard by the crisis and the adjustment.

As raised the Left Front and Workers Unit before the devaluation of Massa: “All these immediate demands should be part of a workers’ and popular economic plan like the one we postulate from the FIT Unit, which starts from the total ignorance and non-payment of the external debt and the break with the IMF, along with national self-defense measures such as the nationalization of banking and foreign trade, creating a single bank that prevents flight, guarantees cheap loans and safeguards the savings of small savers.From the Left Unity Front we maintain that the organization and struggle of the working class is the only effective tool to defeat the biggest adjustment of the government and the IMF that is also supported by the far-right Milei and Patricia Bullrich”.


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