A human rights specialist from HIM, Francesca Albanesesaid today that the state of Israel commits crimes of genocide in its actions in the Gaza Strip, during a meeting of the entity’s Human Rights Council, held today, according to the “Financial Times”

Watch Francesca’s fall:


“After nearly six months of irrational assaults in Gaza, it is my responsibility to report on the worst that humanity is capable of, the anatomy of genocide.

One of my most important insights is that Israel’s former executives and leadership soldiers have intentionally broken the rules of international humanitarian law, distinction, proportionality and precaution, in an attempt to legitimize genocidal violence against the Palestinian People.

In order to deliberately disobey the definitions of human defense, evacuation orders, notifications, safe zones, collateral damage and medical protection, Israel has used its protection functions as humanitarian camouflage.

Of genocidal violence against Palestinians. In light of this, I think there are reasonable grounds for believing that Israel committed three acts of genocide with requisite intent, causing serious physical and psychological harm, deliberately inflicting upon the living conditions of a group, calculated to bring about its physical destruction, entire or in part.”

Source: https://www.ocafezinho.com/2024/03/26/israel-cometeu-3-crimes-de-genocidio-francesca-albanese-onu/

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