The President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, reinforced the country’s stance in responding firmly to any threat to its interests, especially after the recent attack carried out by drones and missiles on Israeli territory.

In a statement released by the presidential office this Tuesday, 16, Raisi declared that Iran will not hesitate to retaliate in a “severe, extensive and painful” manner to any retaliatory action by Israel.

The president explained that the attack on Israel was a self-defense measure in response to the April 1 bombing of the Iranian consulate in Damascus, attributed to Israel.

That attack resulted in the deaths of seven members of the Revolutionary Guard, including a top general from the elite Quds unit, Mohamad Reza Zahedi.

Raisi emphasized that the operation was carried out successfully and aimed to punish those responsible for the previous attack. Furthermore, he denounced what he called “blind support of certain Western countries for the Zionist regime”, arguing that this contributes to tension in the region.

The Iranian president’s statements were made during a telephone conversation with the Emir of Qatar, Tamim ben Hamad Al Thani, in which he reiterated Iran’s commitment to its security and the defense of its interests.


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