The Iranian government communicated to Russia about the threat of a major “terrorist operation” on Russian soil before the recent massacre at a concert hall near Moscow, as revealed by three sources well informed on the matter.

According to reports, days before the attack in Moscow, Iranian authorities shared information with Moscow about potential significant terrorist action within Russian territory. This information was obtained during interrogations of individuals detained in connection with deadly attacks in Iran.

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced in January the arrest of 35 people in connection with two bomb attacks in the city of Kerman, which resulted in the deaths of almost 100 people. On January 19, the ministry reported the arrest of a commander of Isis-Khorasan (Isis-K), an Islamic State affiliate based in Afghanistan.

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attacks in Iran, the deadliest since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. United States intelligence sources indicated that Isis-K carried out the attacks in both Iran and Moscow.

The second source, who requested anonymity, said information provided by Iran to Moscow about a possible imminent attack lacked specific details about the timing and exact target.

A third source, a senior security official, stated that Iran fulfilled its obligation to warn Moscow based on information obtained from arrested terrorists, considering that the country has been the target of terrorist attacks for years.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry and the Kremlin have not yet responded to requests for comment on the matter. The White House also did not comment on the matter.

Information about a possible imminent attack in Russia, obtained through intercepts of conversations between Isis-K members, challenged US claims. Russia, for its part, said it believed Ukraine was linked to the attack, although it provided no evidence. Kiev vehemently denied the allegations.

With information from Reuters


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