Since its launch in 2014, the La Izquierda Diario International Network has been growing year after year, currently having a presence in 14 countries with 15 editions in 7 languages. Today it is the most important network of left-wing newspapers in the world and has hundreds of correspondents in America and Europe.

When we thought about it, almost 9 years ago, we sought to take advantage of the most advanced that current technology allowed us to be able to establish what we call “Leninism 2.0.” That is, to extend the possibilities of militant, internationalist and revolutionary journalism to the maximum to reach millions of people around the world.

It was thus that during the first year of the coronavirus pandemic, in 2020, in the midst of massive confinements and when millions of people turned to the internet and wanted to know what was happening, what the government’s policy was and the situation of workers, particularly those considered essential who put their own lives at risk in precarious working conditions and without adequate protection elements, our International Network obtained a record of 75 million combined visits, counting all our newspapers.

Today the International Network La Izquierda Diario It has 15 editions: The Daily Left in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, Costa Rica, Left of the Spanish State, Permanent Revolution from France, Left Diary from Brazil, Left Voice from the United States, The Voice of the Struggles of Italy, Class against class from Germany and Daily Left of Catalonia.

If for years neoliberal globalization spread precarization and outsourcing, wars and hunger throughout the world, as a counterpart, the development of different technological tools allowed the struggles of workers to be known immediately anywhere in the world. balloon in a matter of minutes. Today, anyone can be a correspondent. And this is what we aim at from the International Network, with our own correspondents in 280 cities in America and 40 in Europe, and extending this collaborative relationship wherever it is necessary to give a voice to those who have no voice.

Thus, we recently carried out day-by-day coverage of the enormous movement of struggle in France against Macron’s pension reform, which included processes of strikes and mobilizations of millions of people, with our colleagues from Révolution Permanente covering the situation live from the main cities of the country. A few months earlier we were present in Peru with correspondents and representatives of the organizations that promote the International Network of Newspapers from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Bolivia during the protests against the coup government of Dina Boluarte. There we worked together with our colleagues from La Izquierda Diario in Peru.

In the midst of the effects of the economic crisis and inflation, deepened by the war in Ukraine, La Izquierda Diario has been covering a series of historic strike processes such as those taking place in the United Kingdom and other European countries, involving to strategic sectors such as transportation, energy and health or education for salary increases that allow us to beat inflation.

In the same way, our colleagues from Left Voice in the United States have been giving voice to the so-called “Generation U” (for Union, union in English), a completely new phenomenon of union reorganization among the youngest sectors in emblematic places. like Amazon or Starbucks. This process follows the enormous struggle of the previous years of Black Lives Matter against racist police violence, which in the United States was a state policy, but which spread as a process of anti-racist resistance around the world.

In our region, South America, this internationalist collaboration to learn about the most advanced processes of struggle has included in recent years the coverage of the rebellions in Chile, Colombia and Ecuador, and also the resistance to the advance of the right such as the fight against the Coup government of Jeanine Añez in Bolivia or against the institutional coup that paved the way for Bolsonaro in Brazil.

These are just some examples of the intervention of our International Network during the last period that includes, in addition to the portals in each country, an extensive intervention in social networks and an important audiovisual development using all the tools at our disposal to arrive with our ideas. to the widest possible audience from different formats.

A means to multiply the force of revolutionary ideas

The International Network of Newspapers is, as we noted above, a militant network that is promoted by the different organizations that are part of the Trotskyist Fraction for the Fourth International (FT-CI): the Party of Socialist Workers (PTS-Argentina), Révolution Permanente (RP-France), Left Voice (LV-United States), Party of Revolutionary Workers (PTR-Chile), Movimento Revolucionário de Trabalhadores (MRT-Brazil), Movement of Socialist Workers (MTS-Mexico), League Revolutionary Workers (LORCI-Bolivia), Revolutionary Current of Workers (CRT-Spanish State), Revolutionäre Internationalistische Organization (RIO-Germany), Frazione Internazionalista Rivoluzionaria (FIR-Italy), League of Socialist Workers (LTS-Venezuela), Current Socialist Workers (CST-Peru), Revolutionary Socialist Organization (OSR-Costa Rica); Socialist Workers Current (CST-Uruguay) and comrades from the FT of the United Kingdom.

As we pointed out in a recent article after an International Conference in which the different organizations that promote the La Izquierda Diario International Network participated, our fight is not only to show reality but to influence it to transform it. That is, to make known every grievance suffered by the people and workers around the world but also to influence with our ideas and fight for the need to set up revolutionary organizations in each country and internationally to end the existing order.

We demonstrate this in practice as well as in the theoretical and strategic field, seeking to draw conclusions and debate with the different reformist, neo-reformist or center-left currents that seek to manage the current decadent capitalism in one way or another.

These debates and theoretical elaborations are published every week from our different theoretical publications: Left Ideas y Weapons of criticism from Argentina, Left Voice Magazine de EE. UU. Counterpoint of the Spanish State, Left-wing ideas from Brazil, R.P. Dimanche from France, Socialist Ideas From Chile, Left Ideas from Mexico, Left Ideas from Venezuela, Class Against Class Magazine from Germany and Hegemony of Italy.

We also do it with the “León Trotsky” Research and Publications Center (from Argentina and Mexico), and with the Virtual Campus, as well as with Ediciones Iskra from Brazil, Ediciones IPS from Argentina, or éditions from France. Continuing with a systematic work of theoretical elaboration that includes, among the most recent books, Mariategui. Theory and revolution of John Dal Maso, From mobilization to revolution of Matías Maiello, the Workers’ revolution in Bolivia -1952 by Eduardo Molina, in addition to compilations with introductory studies such as Women, revolution and socialism (also published in Portuguese), contemporary Marxist texts for debate such as Nature against capital by Kohei Saito, the classics like him communist manifestoamong many others.

Collaborate and be part of the network

The newspapers that are part of the International Network are not financed by any company or government. These are publications made by and for workers, women and youth. This allows us to show each of their struggles without being conditioned and also to be the voice of everyone who does not have a voice in traditional media. In order to continue carrying out this project, expand it and improve it, we need your collaboration. In times of crisis and adjustment, left-wing journalism can only continue to grow with your contribution. We count on your help to continue unmasking the lies of the powerful. Your collaboration is important to defend the voice of the Left.

Join our community. You can also be a correspondent and get involved in support, dissemination and be part of the struggles to come.


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