This Friday a new crime against the Palestinians of the State of Israel in the Gaza Strip. At least 15 dead and dozens injured is the provisional balance of Israel’s attack on three hospitals. The most brutal were launched on a convoy of ambulances that was transporting wounded people to the south of the enclave and a school that housed refugees, where at least 20 were murdered.

This Saturday There was a massive response in the streets to these criminal attacks by Israel. Demonstrations of support for the Palestinian people, calling for a ceasefire and an end to the illegal occupation of their territory, were seen around the world.

From the early hours of Saturday they began to develop actions and mobilizations in several cities in the United Kingdom, like London, Manchester or Edinburgh. Various marches and actions were organized there to demand that Israel end the attacks on Gaza. Numerous videos posted on social networks showed people waving Palestinian flags and calling for “a ceasefire now” in central London’s Piccadilly Circus or the Manchester and Edinburgh train stations.

Los street blockades, occupation of train stations and other actionswere part of the day of demonstration, which had as one of the central points the protest in the emblematic Trafalgar Square to start a march led by the Palestine Solidarity campaign. The concentration that took place here was estimated in around 30,000 people. As part of this day, thousands more gathered in Manchester. There were also pro-Palestine protests in Belfast, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Liverpool and Leeds.

They also registered mobilizations in Italyin cities like Rome and Milan, with thousands of people marching in each of those cities, in repudiation of the actions of the State of Israel.

In the streets of Paris, tens of thousands of people They marched to demand the end of the blockade and the Israeli offensive against the Gaza Strip, which has already caused almost 9,500 deaths. The protest showed the huge rejection that exists due to the actions of the State of Israel.

The demonstration started from the Plaza de la República. Despite the rain that fell at times on the capital, thousands of people demonstrated carrying Palestinian flags and scarves, while slogans such as “Gaza, Gaza, Paris is with you” or “the only solution, the end of colonization” were heard. .

Although it had been authorized by the authorities, the demonstration in the French capital took place in the presence of a significant police presence. The French Government has prohibited mobilizations in favor of the Palestinians. This did not prevent Various organizations will carry out actions and marches in the last days, facing this ban. Throughout this Saturday there were also demonstrations in other cities in France, such as Lyon, Nice, Nantes or Lille.

In Germany, thousands of people marched in Berlin and other cities. A police estimate indicated that around 17,000 people marched in Düsseldorf and around 6,000 people in the capital. These are significant figures in a country that is criminalizing support for the Palestinian cause. “Save Gaza”, “End the genocide”, “Cease fire” and “Free Palestine” were the messages that were read on the banners of the thousands of people who took to the streets of the German capital this Saturday to show their support for Palestine.

In United States, tens of thousands of people protested in Washington and in other important cities. Only in the capital of the country it is estimated that they participated, at least 30,000 people. These mobilizations could be considered the most important in support of the Palestinian cause in the entire history of that country.

In this country – the main political and military support of the State of Israel – demonstrations by thousands of young Jews have been taking place along with other activists under the slogan #NotInOurName (Not in our name), showing the solidarity of a sector of the Jewish people with the Palestinians and calling for a stop to the genocide.

Tens of thousands of protesters filled the streets of Washington and other important cities such as New York, Seattle, Chicago and San Francisco. But there were also marches in smaller cities, showing a growing wave of opposition to Israel’s attacks and support from the US government.

In that country it also took place, a major protest action in the port of Oakland, California, where protesters achieved detain for hours a ship that was intended to transport military supplies bound for Israel.

International solidarity extends throughout the world. In Japan, thousands of people demonstrated in front of the Israeli Embassy in Tokyoto protest against the Israeli bombings of the Gaza Strip.

In Argentina, this Friday thousands of people demonstrated in front of the National Congress. It was a very broad call, where the Nobel Peace Prize winner was present – among social organizations and many recognized personalities: Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nora Cortiñas: Mother of Plaza de Mayo – founding line – and leaders of the Left Front such as the national deputies Myriam Bregman, Nicolás del Caño, Alejandro Vilca and the elected deputy Christian Castillo, among many others.

These international displays of solidarity not only undermine the position of the State of Israel in the world, but also begin to create internal discontent. Before the start of the current Israeli offensive, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was going through a strong crisis with massive mobilizations against his attempts at judicial reform that gave extraordinary power to the Executive and, in this case, to the government coalition that he maintains with untraorthodox and far-right, which sought to advance full colonization of the West Bank while keeping Gaza suffocated.

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