The dog that started the Dogecoin adventure is no longer there. The famous Kabosu passed away and the Dogecoin price shot up by 10% almost immediately after that news. This almost seems as if the community wants to pay Kabosu a last respect.

More than a meme

Her owner, Atsuko Sato, announced that the beloved animal died in her sleep on Friday morning. Kabosu was more than a meme; she was also a service dog who brought joy (and wealth) to millions of people in the world.

Kabosu became an internet sensation after Sato published photos of her. One specific photo with a very special facial expression of Kabosu went viral on the internet.

This photo not only resulted in countless internet memes, but also in the creation of Dogecoin (DOGE) in 2013. A coin that started as a joke, but now has a market value of more than 20 billion dollars.

In addition, Shiba Inu was eventually created from this and these are not the only memecoins with a dog theme.

Kabosu memecoins are skyrocketing

The world of memecoins remains a special beast. One by one, Kabosu-related memecoins skyrocketed after the news. The question remains how they will look in a few years.

You would expect that people will no longer care about this nonsense, but somehow it remains popular. Of course, we also thought the same about Dogecoin.

No one would have dared to predict that the currency would rise so much in recent years. Yet it happened, even though Dogecoin has no fundamental value whatsoever. The coin does nothing and represents nothing, except Kabosu.

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