Inflation has stagnated at 3.1% in December with a moderation in the rise in food, according to data released by the INE this Friday. The CPI (Consumer Price Index) remained at 3.2% in November, always compared to the same month last year.

Core inflation, which excludes unprocessed food and energy from its calculation, falls 7 tenths, to 3.8%, a minimum since March 2022.

“Thanks to the measures adopted by the Government, general and underlying inflation maintain their downward path, allowing salaries to continue gaining purchasing power and Spanish companies to become more competitive, even in the difficult international context,” defend the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business.

Interannual inflation has been below 4% since April in our country. Meanwhile, the food index fell to 9% in November, a minimum since March 2022. The details for December will not be known until January 12.

In October, the general CPI remained at 3.5%, as in September. That month, inflation rebounded after moderating below 3% in June, July and August.

In December, in addition to the moderation in food increases, the smaller increase in electricity stands out than in December 2022, according to the INE.

This same week, the Government approved an anti-crisis Royal Decree-Law with two objectives: to avoid a resurgence of inflation in the coming months and not to skip the objective (and the commitment to the EU) of leaving the deficit (the imbalance between income and public expenses) by 3% in 2024.

With this double intention, the cost of the latest package of anti-inflation measures has been reduced to 5.3 billion euros, according to government sources, distributed mainly between transport discounts (around 1.4 billion) and tax reductions (around 2.5 billion). ), from 15,000 million in 2023 and 22,000 in 2022.


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