Around 3:30 p.m. this Sunday, after two hours of waiting, he voted Myriam Bregman, candidate for President for List 1 A of the Unity Left Front. Like thousands of people in the nation’s capital, he found himself with a long wait due to problems with the imposed electronic voting system.

In statements to the media, he denounced: “What being seen today is the announced failure of a voting system. Our list challenged this system from the outset and today we saw how this led to a critical situation, where many people leave without being able to vote”.

In addition, he recalled: “Our force, and our candidates in the City of Buenos Aires, made the complaint, but they left us alone. With Jorge Adaro and Andrea D’Atri denounce this. We said what was going to happen and that is what is happening”.

Bregman also referred to the national campaign that has just ended. He pointed out that “together with Nicolás del Caño we carried out a very important campaign, whose first stage is culminating today. We have traveled all over the country. We are proud that fellow workers from all over the country are on our lists. For example, Alejandro Vilca, senatorial candidate in Jujuy and waste collector worker. He is a clear representative of that people of Jujuy who have been facing the reform, the adjustment of Gerardo Morales”.

He added that this “is a list that fills us with pride and that beyond the results we can say that we have given a clear message against the adjustment candidates at a time when the working people have been suffering a lot from the consequences of having tied ourselves to the IMF”.

Finally, he added that “It is time to give a strong political message with our vote. It is time to defend ourselves from the looting of mega-mining, to defend the rights of women, to also defend the rights of all those who do not make ends meet. Because voting for the same as always, this will not change. We have shown who we have the strength to face the powerful, that we are not a television opposition“.


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