A group of deputies from La Libertad Avanza, led by its block leader Oscar Zago, presented last Monday a bill to repeal the right to legal, safe and free abortion. It was only known this Wednesday night. In this way, the libertarian right once again makes clear its reactionary plans at the level of the most basic democratic rights, such as the right of women to decide about their bodies.

The initiative is a clear distracting maneuver that seeks to move the agenda of the brutal defeat that the ruling party received with the treatment of the reactionary Omnibus law, finally withdrawn from the premises and returned to committees, where it is also not clear if the government will seek to treat it again with modifications. In a context where the adjustment and the social crisis are worsening, La Libertad Avanza introduces a debate that, with the exception of the left, in the majority blocs of Peronism, the UCR and the PRO opens waters given that everyone voted against the legalization of abortion in the different votes.

As published by the National Campaign for the Right to Abortion: “The project presented not only repeals the IVE law but also eliminates the causes of health risk and rape from the penal code. It intends for the CP to be more restrictive than in 1921. They want count deaths from clandestine abortions again.

The very treatment of the Omnibus law laid bare the government’s plans for adjustment and removal of rights for the vast majority of workers, where women are among the most affected. In the midst of this uncertainty, the presentation of this “celestial” bill (in tune with the “forces of heaven”?) comes a few days after the President meets with Pope Francis and while the Minister of Capital Human, Sandra Petovello, signs agreements with evangelical churches for the administration of food from soup kitchens.

The right to abortion, won with the force of the mobilization of millions of women in the streets, is a historical demand and strongly felt by that movement that has swept the country in recent years. This reactionary provocation by Milei, at a time of weakness in her government, is an alert to defend women’s rights and confront her more adjustment measures with a broad mobilization in the streets.

As these days of confrontation with the Omnibus law showed, far from trusting that complicit opposition very willing to hand over rights in favor of the Government’s adjustment program and behind the people’s backs, the struggle in the streets was a central component in weakening and hitting these attempts by the Milei government to advance its reactionary plans. That is the path that will need to be deepened to confront the DNU, the adjustment and this new obscurantist initiative that seems to be getting underway.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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