Interviewed by C5N, Myriam Bregman told in just one minute what the main points of the Base Law are and why it is urgent to organize to carry out a massive mobilization when the project is discussed in the Senate.

This Monday night, the national representative of the PTS-Frente de Izquierda Unidad, Myriam Bregman, was interviewed by Gustavo Sylvestre on C5N.

There the leader referred to different issues of the national reality. Among them, he took a minute to summarize in a few words what are the central points of the Bases Law that is being discussed in the Senate, and called for a massive mobilization on the day in question, to defeat this project that only benefits the more powerful and impoverishes and makes the majority precarious.

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“In the Senate, where they are killing each other over the RIGI and other points that are really very serious, notice that no one talks about the pension moratorium that is going to leave women without retirement, about money laundering, which is the call for drug trafficking international to settle in Argentina, because when one says these things they tell you ‘you are exaggerating’, but no, it is a call to international drug trafficking to come and launder money to Argentina. The labor reform is a reactionary counter-reform that eliminates. practically all the rights as we know them. Women will be able to be fired when they are pregnant when they work in the State. That is to say, it is an attack but that is not talked about. When the Bases Law is discussed in the Senate, all the struggles and fights that exist begin to come together, the CGT and the CTA stop calling for one activity per month while Milei continues to advance, or is this really a very critical situation? “.

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