Photo of the presidential debate: Myriam Bregman, Sergio Massa, Patricia Bullrich, Juan Schiaretti and Javier Milei

The space of Javier Miley It has as its candidate for vice president a historical defender of the genocidal military. However, Victoria Villarruel He has been trying to avoid being known for this – after years of public exposure defending soldiers convicted of crimes against humanity. Even in the debate between the vice presidential candidates, Villarruel went so far as to maintain that he visited Jorge Rafael Videla when he was detained, a fact that had come to light in recent days, because he “was writing a book.” Publicly his current defense of the military is restricted to so-called victims of “terrorism.”

Instead, this Sunday, during the public debate, Javier Milei He said what the La Libertad Avanza space really thinks and repeated the military’s story. “For us in the seventies there was a war, and in that war the forces of the State committed excesses”, with this phrase the justification for what was done during the last military dictatorship was exposed. He began his intervention in the block that was presented on human rights by denying the numbers of the missing: “There were not 30,000 missing, there were 8,753.”

First of all the “excesses”, to which Milei refers, they try to kill and disappear 30,000 people. Previous torture was carried out in at least 800 clandestine centers, many of them located on land given by businessmen and many directly in the factories themselves. There they raped women, they tortured even those who were pregnant, whose babies were stolen and even today 400 people continue with their appropriate identities. In the supposed excesses, they carried out the death flights, which meant throwing the missing detainees who were still alive into the river from military planes. In the “excesses”, they also stole the victims’ property.

Secondly, the guerra which the military spoke about and resumes La Libertad Avanza, It was against the working class and the youth who faced the Peronist government -the same one that began the internal repression with parapolice gangs like the Triple A-. The numbers of those detained-disappeared make this overwhelming fact clear: it was a class genocide. The members of the guerrilla forces had been decimated prior to the coup. A military coup that only came to defeat with blood and fire the last revolutionary test carried out by workers and students.

In third place, The data on the missing is not a figure. It is a genocide, a systematic plan to eliminate those who rebelled against this system of oppression and exploitation. Against those who opposed the repressive policies of the government of Juan Perón and María Estela Martinez de Perón -who succeeded him when after his death-.

For those who try to deny that they are 30.000 The disappeared, like the Milei, Macri and company, what they seek is to equate the victims caused by the guerrilla – their leaders were tried and convicted by the Alfonsín government under the aberrant “theory of the two demons” -, with the crimes of State committed since the constitutional government of Perón and continued under the military dictatorship. Crimes against humanity, therefore imprescriptible.

Let’s go back to the figures, Milei not only said that there are not 30,000 missing people, but he took the Macrismo’s speech – all members of the great caste -, which established the idea of “human rights work”.

On March 24, 2006, investigative journalist Hugo Alconada Mon published in La Nación an article dated Washington that had the following headline: “Thirty years after the military coup, new declassified documents show that the military estimated that they had killed or “made some 22,000 people disappear between 1975 and mid-1978, when there were still five years left before the return to democracy.”

The calculation – the article continued – provided by Argentine soldiers and agents operating from the 601st Intelligence Battalion to their Chilean counterpart Enrique Arancibia Clavel, appears among the documents that the Georgetown University National Security Archive managed to bring to light.

“Arancibia Carnation prepared a series of memos between the first half of June 1976 and mid-1978 on identities and number of victims and other information in Argentina requested by the Pinochet dictatorship,” the newspaper Ámbito reports in its Monday edition, which managed access the documents that the Argentine Judiciary obtained from the National Security Digital Archive of the George Washington University, which unfortunately is not public (it should be) and that so far only some media have managed to access.

In another of the reports that was sent to Santiago de Chile in July 1978, he maintains: “Attached is a list of all the dead during the year 1975. The list is classified only by month, that is, in these there are both the official dead “as the “non-official” ones. This work was achieved in the 601st Army Intelligence Battalion, located in Callao and Viamonte of this Capital, which depends on the II Army Intelligence Headquarters of the General Command of the Army and the General Staff of the Army,” Arancibia communicated to his DINA superiors.

Five candidates for president, one voice against denialism

“I cannot naturalize the return of the ideas of denialism” Myriam Bregman raised in the debate, questioning the ideas of Javier Milei and Victoria Villarruel.
The presidential candidate for Left Front, She was the only one who confronted the “libertarian.” She recalled that this is inadmissible for those who have been fighting for Truth and Justice for years, as in her case, who is a lawyer in trials against humanity, who together with a group of lawyers achieved the life sentence of Miguel Etchecolatz. Furthermore, they managed to have him tried and convicted for the crimes committed within the framework of a genocide.

During the debate, Bregman recalled “I acted in the trial against Etchecolatz, in which our colleague, Jorge Julio López, disappeared for the second time. That is why it outrages me, and I am not going to naturalize, that denialist ideas return, much less that they talk about the freedom of those people who justify the kidnappings and concentration camps of the dictatorship. Our fight was never easy, our fight is not a job.”

The candidate of the PTS-Frente de Izquierda UnidadDuring the debate, he not only denounced the crimes of the dictatorship, but also mentioned those committed during constitutional governments, such as trigger-happy cases. “And with the same force we condemn the disappearances and murders of children at the hands of security forces under constitutional governments. Luciano Arruga, Facundo Astudillo Castro, Lucas González, They are not excesses, they are part of a criminal policy sustained by the State. Very recently, weeks ago, we saw an enormous violation of human rights, the repression of the people of Jujuy. Bullrich endorsed it. Milei said that Gerardo Morales had acted lukewarmly. And Sergio Massa said that if he becomes a government he will invite the repressor Morales to conform with him. The right is always confronted, because if not, it grows.” These cases that Bregman mentioned were carried out in Peronist, radical and Macrista governments. This is how he also denounced Patricia Bullrich for the crimes of Rafael Nahuel and Santiago Maldonado.

Myriam Bregman concluded her intervention in the debate that took place this Sunday in Santiago del Estero by stating: “This October 22, let us demonstrate that there are many of us, there are many of us, those of us who do not want to pay the IMF with the hunger of the people, those of us who do not want that workers continue to lose, that we cannot continue destroying the planet because there is no planet B, that women cannot continue waiting. Don’t resign yourself. Vote with your convictions. We go with the left throughout the country, in the streets and in Congress.”

And he concluded “There were 30 thousand and it was a genocide.”


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