“We don’t give up”. It was less than a scream but it resounded loudly. A few meters from the Government House, on Plaza Belgrano, a teacher aroused the applause of his colleagues and his colleagues, from secondary, tertiary and university students, from members of the native communities, from employed and unemployed workers.

The streets of San Salvador were once again filled with color and strength. The teaching grouped in Adep marched through the center. She was accompanied by social, political, union organizations, sectors of the student movement and delegations from the original communities. There was music and there was anger. The songs against Morales rang for blocks and blocks. The classic “morales cat” alternated with requests for resignation. Once again, that musical combo was heard that wonders why who stole all the lithium.

This Monday Adep’s teaching, the union that brings together primary school teachers, completed a month of strike. A month where not only the police repression of the government of Gerardo Morales was shown – on repeated occasions. There was also a strong will to fight from the people of Jujuy.

On this day, Humahuaca also marked a presence in the streets. Over there more than 300 teachersmostly from Adep, went out to claim for wages and against the constitutional reform voted for both Peronism and Radicalism.

The important mobilization was also a response to government threats. This Tuesday, trying to frighten, the ruling party and the State Prosecutor’s Office had announced that there were 150 people charged for the events of Tuesday, June 20. The Morales government tries to intimidate. However, that did not work and This Wednesday there were thousands and thousands in the streets.

That fight against the reform continues as well on the routes. This Wednesday, 11 cuts were maintained in various parts of the province. In the afternoon, despite repressive threats, the court returned to Perico, where protesters permanently challenge police forces. At the same time, the cuts were sustained in Purmamarca, Tilcara, Uquía, Abra Pampa and other locations.

There are forces in the streets and on the road to continue this fight until throwing out the reform. That force continues to exist despite Morales’ maneuvers to divide those who fight. It continues to be despite the threats and pressures. It continues to exist despite the deletion of the CGT and the CTA, which should call a provincial strike until the reform is overthrown.

It is necessary to support the ongoing fights. Surround the great struggle of Adep teaching with support and solidarity. At the same time, it is necessary to begin to discuss how the set of union organizations consider resuming the fight against the reform. If the reform passes, tomorrow it will be much more difficult to go out and claim for wages, working conditions or against dismissals. That is why it is necessary that the unions that put aside the measures of struggle debate how to return to them.

It is necessary to organize a joint fight of all the sectors in struggle: teachers, workers, students, communities. It is necessary to promote a great Provincial assembly of workers and communities that guarantees a common fight against the reform.

national repudiation

This Wednesday in the National Congress, the deputy Alexander Vilca (PTS-FITU) proposed in the special session this Wednesday to reject the reform of the constitution of Morales and the PJ in the province of Jujuy, the support for the people of Jujuy and the repudiation of the repression. He was one of the 6 conventional constituents of the left who denounced all the maneuvers of the UCR and the PJ to approve this reform, and participated in the mobilizations in support of teachers, health workers and native communities. “As it is sung in the streets of Jujuy and at roadblocks: down with the reform, up with wages, up with the rights of the working people.”

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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