This Wednesday morning the president Javier Miley attended the opening ceremony of the school year of the private and denominational school (subsidized by the State) Cardinal Copello from the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Devoto. There he attended primary and secondary school. He was accompanied by his sister Karina, the general secretary of the Presidency who also studied at that institution. Along with them were the Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovelloand the Secretary of Education, Carlos Torrendell.

For just over an hour mercy He gave a speech full of irrelevant anecdotes from when he studied there. There was no shortage of his trite references to Marxism, communism and other “evils” of the world. And, as it could not be otherwise, he spoke of the “successes” of his management in these almost three months of government.

It is worth saying that these acts at the beginning of the school year are usually used by leaders to send some “message” to society related to public education. In this case, Milei decided to avoid any reference al status of the country’s schoolsto the educational quality and to the salary and working conditions of thousands of teachers and educational assistants. Nothing surprising, but yes a confirmation of the level of “priority” you have for Freedom Advances the educational agenda.

During his speech, seeking to empathize with the youth audience, mercy He made repeated jokes referring to “caste” and other issues. But not all the jokes were celebrated in the same way by the audience (school authorities and some students). Like when He accused the “lefties” of causing two of the flag bearers who shared the stage with him to faint..

A girl fell flat on the ground shortly after the speech began. Already another boy (who was next to Milei) the same thing happened to him at the end. “What’s wrong with the forces of heaven?” some joked, while the fainted were assisted by medical personnel. The matter, apparently, did not go beyond a scare.

But the most outstanding fact of the day was outside the Cardinal Copello, on the sidewalk. Some neighbors had approached the school doors to see the arrival of mercy and his entourage. Among them was Teresa. O “Techies”as the primary school teacher was known for many years, who in 1980 had the boy as a student Javier.

Upon learning who he was, many journalists stationed at the mobile guard in front of the school approached him to ask him some questions. In addition to the logical references to the passage of mercy through school, where Teresa remembers him as “brave” and “playful.”the teacher was consulted about What do you think of the measures that your former student is taking?.

“Let’s hope that (the measures) are good for everyone”“Techi” said, leaving the anecdotes and smiles aside. And he added: “I am retired and I am not very well”. They then asked her if she wanted to ask the President for something. “I’m hoping that retirement will improve for us and that it won’t put so much pressure on us with all the adjustments it’s making.”stated the retired teacher.

They asked him if this adjustment also occurs with the medicines. Although he clarified that she, “thank God,” does not take any medication, he said that on this issue things are “terrible”. And she said that she has companions “they are suffering a lot”.

They also made reference to the teacher salary. “Heh, and, it’s very low.”, answered. And he explained that she was retired “badly” and now he has to do countless procedures to be able to receive the latest increase. Finally, Teresa said that if she could say something to the head of state, she would be “Let the country move forward, because we are all already quite exhausted.”. An expression of wishes that has no other basis than faith.

As explained in The Daily Left one of the most important decisions of the government of mercy was sawing off the purchasing power of millions of retirees. The minister Luis Caputo had said that the quarterly increase in salaries (corresponding to March) would be 30%, but in the end was minor. And there will only be a new increase in June.

With the inflation expected for this first quarter, retirements and pensions will end up losing another 25% in real termswhich add to the loss already accumulated in the governments of Macri and them Fernández. The “blender” which he boasts about mercy It only benefits the caste for which it governs and harms the working population as a whole.

While Teresa He said in a few seconds more interesting things than what the President said in an hour, the students who had fainted They did not return and were left out of the photo “historical” that the authorities of the Copello they managed to get with mercy and his sister. It happens in the best families.


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