The Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orbanin an interview with Kossuth Radiodeclared that Europe is progressively being involved in the armed conflict in Ukraineapproaching a war with the Russia.

Orban described the process of involvement in war as divided into three phases: discussion, preparation and destruction.

“Now we are finishing the discussion and are in the preparation phase. We are inches away from destruction,” he stated.

Orban cited recent developments that he said signaled an increase in European involvement. One of them is the discussion between France e Ukraine about the possible sending of French military instructors to train Ukrainian soldiers.

“If the French accept this, it will be a new level of involvement from the countries of UE it’s yes NATO in the conflict”, commented the prime minister.

Furthermore, Orban mentioned discussions about the use of Western weapons to attack targets inside Russian territory, highlighting that there is growing support for these weapons to be used not only defensively but also offensively.

“Nor the NATOa Ukraine It would not be able to bomb Russian territory, but it can, and so we are taking another step in the process of involvement in the war”, he explained.

The Prime Minister also noted that the motivation behind this escalation is the belief that Ukraine and Western countries can overcome the Russiacontrasting with the more cautious perspective of the countries of Europa Central e Oriental.

“This is the main reason why they behave differently than us. They want to defeat Russia, they want to achieve military success at any cost,” Orban said.

Orban reiterated his government’s position to avoid Hungary’s involvement in the conflict, emphasizing that “this is not our war and Hungarians should not suffer because of it.”

He justified this stance by citing the defensive purpose of I’LL TAKEwhich is to protect its member states and not intervene in other wars.


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