This was confirmed by parliamentary sources. Earlier, two senators from Santa Cruz had jeopardized the start of the session, calling for not having a quorum. Myriam Bregman pointed out the senator’s responsibility for the “social disaster that the laws will bring.”

When everything was uncertain, Martín Lousteau came out to “bank” the Government. He announced it after the Santa Cruz senators called for not having a quorum.

Myriam Bregman expressed on her networks what the attitude that the UCR senator will assume means. The national representative for the PTS-FIT, said “When the quorum is at stake, helping to achieve it can be much more important than what is voted on later. Lousteau can be responsible for the social disaster that these laws will bring.”

For his part, the UCR senator on his social networks raised his reasons for providing a quorum. With total hypocrisy he maintained that he does it for education and retirees. When he supports the elimination of the moratorium that will mean that 9 out of 10 women will not be able to retire. “Tomorrow I will be on the bench in session because we must discuss laws that are very important for the future of Argentines. I work and vote according to my convictions, nothing more. I do not accept pressure of any kind. We are going to present the alternative opinion that We have worked with a great team in these weeks. I hope that the majority of senators can understand the need to include education, retirees and public works among the bases for thinking about the future of our country.”

Photo: Martín Lousteau, senator for the UCR

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