The PASO 2023 in CABA will be on August 13

The elections Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory (PASO) They will take place on August 13. In CABA, there will be concurrent elections, that is to say that voters will vote national authorities on the one hand, and local authorities on the other, on the same day and with different systems.

While for the voting of national positions the traditional system of the printed ballotfor the election of local positions it will be used with the questioned system of Single Electronic Ticket.

At the national level, the voters of CABA will vote in the PASO for the candidates who can compete in the national general elections on October 22 in the categories of president, vice president and 12 national deputies for Congress.

At the local level, CABA will vote in PASO 2023 for the candidates who can compete in the local general elections on October 22 in the categories of head and deputy head of government, 30 legislators and the 105 members of the 15 community boards.

In this note, we tell you the step by step to elect the candidates of Myriam Bregman and Nicolás del Caño from the “Unite and Strengthen the Left” List of the Left Front.

The candidate for head of government is Jorge Adaro has been a teacher at Villa Soldati for 23 years. He is a renowned fighter in defense of public education who has always lived from his work and never left the classroom. That is why the Minister of Education Soledad Acuña persecutes him and takes him as her enemy No. 1 with a legal case. And the list of Buenos Aires legislators is headed by Andrea D’Atri, a socialist feminist, founder of the Pan y Rosas Women’s Association. She is proud to have been among the promoters of the first Voluntary Termination of Pregnancy project in 2007.

How to vote in the PASO 2023 in CABA for local candidates from Myriam Bregman’s list

1. The Board Authority will give you a blank ballot and will remove the first die before you.
2. Select the commune in which you vote
3. Place the ballot in the slot in the direction indicated by the arrow
4. I chose how to make up your vote. It can be by categories or by political grouping. Keep in mind that in any of the options you choose, the name of the list and the image of the Head of Government appear first.

Jorge Adaro is the pre-candidate for head of government of Myriam Bregman and Nicolás del Caño in the PASO 2023 in CABA

5. If you choose by Category you will have to continue with the Legislator and Communard options for the full vote to count. On the other hand, if you choose by Group you go directly to vote for the complete ballot.

This is what the screen will look like if you choose “Political group” from the “Unite and Strengthen the Left” list (in this case, voting in Commune 7)

6. You have to confirm your vote on the screen and it will be printed on the Single Electronic Ballot. Then fold it in half and place it in the ballot box indicated by the table president (a different ballot box from the one for voting with a paper ballot).

Remember that you can try the voting simulator with the Electronic Ballot in CABA here

How to vote in the PASO 2023 in CABA for the national candidates from Myriam Bregman’s list

Myriam Bregman is a pre-candidate for president and is accompanied by Nicolás del Caño. . . . In the second body of the paper ballot, the national pre-candidates to Parlasur, Raúl Godoy and Noelia Agüero will be found. In the third body, are the candidates for national deputies, Patricio del Corro and Mechi de Mendieta. And in the fourth body, the pre-candidates to Parlasur for the regional district, Marcela Almeida and Federico Puy.

This is Myriam Bregman’s paper ballot and the “Unite and Strengthen the Left” list of the Left Front for PASO 2023 in CABA

1. Present yourself at the polling station that touched you and show a valid document of personal identification to the table authorities. Remember that you can only vote if you are on the electoral roll
2. The table authorities will give you a on white in order to cast your vote
3. In the dark room, save the ticket for Myriam Bregman in the envelope.
4. Put the envelope in its corresponding ballot box on the table that touched you.

What are the valid documents to vote in the PASO 2023 in CABA?

The valid documents to vote in the PASO 2023 in CABA are:

  • civic notebook
  • Book enlistment
  • DNI (green book)
  • DNI (light blue notebook)
  • DNI card of the light blue notebook with legend “not valid to vote” and without specification of copy
  • ID card

    You can only vote with the civic document that appears on the electoral roll, or with a later version of it. It will not be allowed to vote with the DNI on the cell phone.

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