The hacker responsible for the recent attack on crypto exchange Poloniex has moved significant amounts of Ethereum (ETH) to crypto mixer Tornado Cash. This is reported by digital asset de-anonymization platform Arkham.

According to Arkham, the hacker transferred a total of 1,126.1 ETH, worth more than $3.4 million, through 20 transactions last Monday and Tuesday.

First activity of the hacker on Tornado Cash

This marks the hacker’s first activity on Tornado Cash, a platform notorious for its ability to disguise the provenance of digital assets. This move comes after the Poloniex breach in early November, in which the hacker took $56 million in ETH, $48 million in Tron (TRX), and $18 million in Bitcoin (BTC), along with smaller amounts of other crypto assets.

The exchange, owned by Tron founder Justin Sun, offered a 5% reward for returning the stolen funds, but the offer was rejected by the hacker. According to Arkham, the hacker still owns a crypto portfolio worth approximately $181.47 million.

Withstood multiple attacks

Projects associated with Justin Sun have recently endured several attacks. In September, Sun-affiliated exchange HTX was exploited for approximately 4,999 Ethereum worth $7.9 million, according to blockchain security firm PeckShield. In November, hackers used HTX and Heco Bridge, another project linked to Sun, to steal $100 million, according to cybersecurity firm Cyvers. Additionally, HTX was hit by a DDoS attack in January, leading to a brief service outage.

A DDoS attack is an attempt by malicious parties to overload a website with traffic, with the aim of disrupting service and overwhelming the infrastructure.


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