In the “Kicking the Tablero” program, hosted by Gastón Remy, current capital city councilor and candidate for Mayor, two drivers appeared who told, based on their experience, what the monthly payment system is like, a State Transportation Project under workers’ management and control of users, presented on Monday, April 3, by the Left Front in the Deliberative Council.

They are Ariel and Enrique, two former drivers of what was the El Salvador Line and who, From their experience, they contribute ideas to have a Transportation Project that provides a comprehensive solution to the problem, such as the number of units, frequencies, ticket increase (fare), etc..

Within a month, the mayor will decree one more increase. The solution is based on experiences, studies and questions that have been formulated to suggest that indeed, an integral solution can be given, in the sense of a reorganization of the system, that is, what today works with 5 companies, It could be different, if there would be only one being state-owned, managed by workers and users.

Ariel commented that there is a viable solution where the user of the collective is not the adjustment variable. The crisis in transport is the increase in the ticket. With our experience we saw the way to create a system, with which the passenger buys a monthly pass and can move to any place in the city, a point that is developed in the Project and, in this way, the group will really be, a public service.

The PTS/Frente de Izquierda presented in the Deliberative Council a Project for the Creation of a single state company for urban passenger transport for Greater Jujuy –managed by workers and users- and a monthly payment system that today would cost about $2,700, allowing savings of about $3,000 per month.

Source: Gastón Remy, based on official information.

Even private companies receive subsidies, that is, indirectly, “we pay twice the price, through SUBE and with our taxes that come to subsidize businessmen. Other expenses that are added, for example, is the additional that is paid when you load the card and if you lose it, you have to buy it again. Those expenses have to be controlled by the municipality and that doesn’t happen”, said Ariel.

Source: Gastón Remy, based on official information.
Source: Gastón Remy, based on official information.

Enrique explained that “the Project that we are presenting involves charging a card, in this case the SUBE, giving rise to unlimited travel with a monthly pass. This is important for those who have more than one job. The most beneficial thing is connectivity, that is, if you take a bus in Uruguay and get off at the old terminal, you can automatically take another bus to Malvinas with the same ticket, without having to pay another ticket, and this is achieved with the monthly payment. Connectivity would make it easier to have two jobs due to low salaries, in this way the budget of the workers would be enough to be able to move to their workplaces, teachers who go from one school to another, nurses who work in different hospitals, employees domestic workers who have to move from house to house, etc”.

The creation of a unique state company of these characteristics has the objective of providing a quality service accessible to the popular pocket.

In case of covering all the current passengers or a similar number, the system through the monthly payment would cover the operating costs and accumulate a surplus for the replacement and/or repair of the units. Likewise, it would make it possible to dispense with subsidies and, in the event that they continue to be sent, it would make it possible to redirect them to the purchase of 0 km units and/or the paving of streets, construction of bus stops, etc.

The interview ended with Ariel and Enrique saying that: “This Project is not a fantasy, it is totally viable and we are based on numbers, population density, routes in Jujuy and connectivitythrough which you pay only once and make various combinations within the circuit.


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