Different media and news portals echoed the complaint made this afternoon by Human Rights organizations and national deputies about the illegal and arbitrary arrests that took place in the vicinity of Congress on Wednesday, June 12, in the demonstration against the Law. Bases.

National deputies and Human Rights organizations held a press conference this afternoon at the Buenos Aires headquarters of the Peace and Justice Service (Serpaj) to demand the release of those detained during the operation that repressed the mobilization against the Bases Law last Wednesday, the 12th. of June. According to the Commission for Memory (CPM), there are 39 detainees, including members of neighborhood assemblies, retirees, students from national universities, street vendors and workers.

Different media and portals echoed the complaint, we need to amplify it as much as possible to demand the immediate release of the prisoners for fighting, that Judge María Servini de Cubría dictate their release NOW.

Repercussions of the press conference against the arrests in Congress

On Page 12: Political leaders and representatives of human rights organizations demanded the release of the detainees

In Scope: Repression in Congress: deputies and human rights organizations demanded the release of those detained

En BigBang News: Relatives of detainees face to face with Infantry: “Fascist Bullrich, you are the terrorist”

In The Web Uncovering: Relatives demanded the release of the detainees and declared themselves on alert: “dictatorial treatment”

Testimony of relatives of detainees in the media during the press conference

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