Demonstrators protest across France. (Photo: reproduction)

The grandmother of the 17-year-old teenager who was killed by a policeman in France last Tuesday (27) made an appeal this Sunday (2) for an end to the protests that have spread across the country since the episode.

“I am telling them [manifestantes] to stop,” he said. “I want this all to end. I ask people who are destroying things to stop. Do not destroy the schools”.

The boy’s grandmother was identified by French media as Nadia. She would have made the appeal during an interview with BFM TV. Her grandson, Nahel Merzouk, was killed by French police during a roadblock.

Nadia said that the protesters are using Nahel’s death as a pretext to sow more violence and that the family wants the situation to calm down. “I trust in Justice,” she added.

On the other hand, the grandmother condemned the demonstrations in support of the police officer who shot the young man. Columnist Jean Messiha, who supported the far-right presidential candidacy of Éric Zemmour in 2022, started a “crowdfunding” for the policeman’s family, arguing that he was limited to doing his job and that “he is paying a high price ” for his action.

After Nadia’s statements, Patrick Jarry, mayor of Nanterre, the city where Nahel was murdered, asked the population to follow the victim’s family’s appeal for an end to the protests.

Protests spread across France. (Photo: reproduction)

“I know the anguish that has been shared by a large number of inhabitants of our city, since these last few nights, in the face of events. On Saturday, immense emotion ran through Nanterre, at the time of Nahel’s funeral in the Mont-Valérien cemetery. The family asked us not to attend and we obviously respected that request,” Jarry said in a statement.

Since the incident, protesters have burned cars, looted stores, and destroyed state institutions (city halls and police stations).

The home of the mayor of L’Hay-les-Roses, near Paris, was attacked while his wife and children slept inside. One of the children required medical attention for injuries, as did the mother, with a broken leg.

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