The Israeli Army continues a brutal offensive in the Gaza Strip this Monday, after a weekend of intense bombing that claimed the lives of at least 800 Palestinians, most of them women and children. At the same time, he announced the start of a land incursion into the south of the Strip to force a new massive displacement of the population that had already been fleeing the bombings from the north.

Unicef ​​spokesman James Elder, currently in the southern Gaza town of Khan Younis, described a “night of absolutely relentless shelling” in a post on social media site X.

On Saturday, Israel had ordered the evacuation of several areas of the southern Gaza Strip in what implies a new advance in a massive displacement. Israel had already forced the displacement of more than 1 million Palestinians from the northern Gaza Strip with an ultimatum to its population to leave their homes before they began the ground operation that ended with a total devastation of the main cities and refugee camps and the direct attack on schools and hospitals.

After a week of truce, Israel decided to deepen its incursion, now in the south, which implies a new massive displacement of the Palestinian population towards Rafah on the border with Egypt. This massive displacement of the local population implies a war crime and a large-scale ethnic cleansing operation with the aim of instilling terror in the population of Gaza by making it clear that there is no longer a safe place for them.

As Melanie Ward, executive director of the humanitarian organization Medical Aid for the Palestinians, pointed out, the evacuation maps and coordinates that Israel imposes on the southern Palestinian population are causing fear and panic.

“I cannot overstate the fear, panic and confusion these Israeli maps are causing civilians in #Gaza, including my own staff. “People cannot run from place to place to try to escape Israel’s bombs, nor does international law expect them to do so,” Ward said in a post on X on Sunday.

On Friday, Israel divided Gaza into more than 600 zones so they could evacuate from specific areas.

Additionally, the distribution of humanitarian aid has once again been severely restricted. The Rafah governorate was the only one in Gaza where there was some delivery of aid to the population in recent hours (especially flour and water), while survival supplies to the Khan Yunis area were paralyzed due to the increase in attacks. of Israel, according to the daily report of the United Nations Humanitarian Aid Coordination Office (OCHA).

More than 15,520 Palestinians have been killed by Israel and 41,316 have been injured in Gaza since the start of the attacks, 70% of them children and women. These figures could be much higher taking into account that there are some 7,000 missing people, many of them under the rubble.

Israel’s bombings, along with the ground offensive and the devastation of infrastructure, have left 1.8 million displaced in the Strip, 80% of the total population, according to the UN humanitarian agency, OCHA.

It is not a war, it is a genocide, and Israel is preparing to deepen it.


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