General Juan José Zuñiga invaded the Palacio Quemado in La Paz, as broadcast live on Telesur. According to President Luis Arce, who posted on X, there were “irregular mobilizations of some units of the Bolivian Army” and highlighted the need to respect democracy.

Military Conflict

Armed troops in combat gear surrounded the palace, firing tear gas into the square where military vehicles and troops were gathered. Arce, meeting with his cabinet in an adjacent building, mobilized the population against the military and maintained his position of not giving in.

Invasion and Withdrawal

A tank broke down the palace door, allowing General Zuñiga to enter, who minutes later returned to the tank, surrounded by hooded men. Troops loyal to President Arce control the entrance to the palace.

Motivations and Reactions

Zuñiga, previously dismissed by Arce after stating that Evo Morales should not return to power, entered the palace declaring himself defender of the people and denouncing the politicians. Evo Morales, in disagreement with Arce, also reacted, denouncing the action of the Challapata Special Regiment “Mendez Arcos” and calling on the people to defend the homeland against military groups that act against democracy.

Political Context

The incident comes at a time of tension between Arce and Morales, who have previously collaborated politically. The military mobilization and accusations of a coup highlight the political instability in Bolivia.


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