Spanish newspaper says that from defending Bolsonaro, problems with the tax authorities to prison, Daniel Alves self-destructed

From support for Bolsonaro to problems with the tax authorities, the arrest of Daniel Alves in Spain is seen in the country’s press as part of a long-standing self-destructive movement by the player. “The self-destruction of Dani Alves: from his messes with the Farm to prison”, says the newspaper La Voz de Galicia.

“The entry into prison of the footballer with the most titles in history is the last chapter of a long turbulent history of this lover of the night, considered a free verse in the locker rooms of the clubs where he passed”, says the article signed by Daniel Panero.

“Dani Alves is back in the spotlight and, as so often, not for good reason. What for many is the best right back of all time was this Friday to provisional arrest without bail accused of raping a woman last month in Barcelona, ​​the city where he was after the World Cup in Qatar”.

“The judge accepted the Attorney General’s request and the private accusation due to the high risk of flight due to the player’s economic possibilities and that he lives outside Spain. It is the last chapter in a long list of episodes that buried his myth, that of a football legend”, she says.

Champions League, European Championship, titles in France… “In Barcelona, ​​it has always been a free verse in a locker room characterized by decorum, Carles Puyol has scolded him more than once for his disrespectful steps towards rival fans, and the truth is that Dani Alves has always loved dancing as much as the pitch”.

His nocturnal outings were a constant even in the best of times, to the point where he was put in charge of music in Barça’s concentrations. Where there could have been a party was a player known for not having a hangover and for maintaining a strict physical preparation that allowed him not to suffer any kind of excess from the night before, “he recalls.

The relationship with Dinora Santana did not prosper and in 2011 there was a divorce that only accentuated his extravagant profile on social networks and a private life that was about to erupt. After six years of being single, she met Joana Sanza model who is his current partner, who firmly believes in his innocence”, he writes in the regional newspaper.

His going to jail is the latest incident with justice, but not the only one. The farm has become public last June the list of debtors and Daniel Alves appeared for the fourth consecutive yearwhich accumulates a figure of more than two million euros, while in Brazil the Federal Public Ministry, according to, would be investigating the footballer for receiving 6.2 million reais through an NGO that did not meet all the requirements .”

Also in Brazil, his figure has been involved in several controversies in recent months. Alves fell flat in the elections giving his support to the far-right Jair Bolsonaro”, recalls the Galician publication.

“A message that joined other footballers like Neymar, Rivaldo, Romario or Donato.”

The Galician newspaper speaks of “the worst possible goodbye”.

Unless you are surprised and some exotic team opens its doors for you just looking for business, the Dani Alves’ future will result in a forced goodbye and the worst imaginable scenario. In Barcelona, ​​he faces a sentence of between four and twelve years in prison for an alleged crime of sexual assault and the panorama on the pitch, where he has always been better, is not encouraging either”, he analyzes.

“The Mexican club Pumas terminated his contract and Liga MX is waiting for news to proceed with his definitive expulsion.”


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