The pre-candidate for vice president and national deputy for the Left Front, Nicolás del Caño, spoke in Cronica HD about the request of José Luis Espert of Juntos por el Cambio to expel the deputies from the left for supporting the struggle of the people of Jujuy.

Nicolás del Caño, currently accompanying Myriam Bregman in the formula that leads her to be a candidate for president by the Left Unity Front for the position of vice president, was interviewed by Crónica TV this afternoon about the serious case of femicide in Chaco and the mobilizations that They demand justice for Cecilia, showing solidarity with the request so that there is no impunity.

In addition, the national deputy expressed his rejection of the request by José Luis Espert, from Juntos por el Cambio, to expel Myriam Bregman, Alejandro Vilca and Romina del Plá and himself from the Chamber of Deputies. “We are proud to accompany the people of Jujuy and all the struggles of the working people, and in this case to have faced the repressor Gerardo Morales,” he said. And he added: “We tell Espert and all those who want to expel us from the Chamber of Deputies that they want to ban one million three hundred thousand people who voted for us for that. Neither Espert nor any of those fachos are going to throw us out.”

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