Franklin Templeton CEO Jenny Johnson believes that people investing in Bitcoin for the first time are still “early days.” By this she means that Bitcoin will grow so much from here that people who invest now can earn a more than decent return. Those kinds of statements are always bold, but with Jenny Johnson it’s not just about anyone.

First wave of adoption

“This is really just the first wave of early adopters and I think the next wave will be much larger institutions,” Johnson said of Bitcoin.

She expects that institutional interest in Bitcoin will only increase. Investors who were previously hesitant about Bitcoin are now more comfortable with digital assets and the underlying technology, Johnson believes.

Johnson is someone who strongly believes in the potential of blockchain technology. This strikes a chord with many Bitcoiners. Bitcoiners often believe that people who say such things do not understand.

They believe that it is about Bitcoin and that “blockchain technology” only works for money and in the end there is of course only one form of money left: the best form of money.

That, of course, is Bitcoin.

New applications for the technology

Jenny Johnson’s team has other applications in mind for the technology. For example, she sees music in Rihanna’s choice to issue non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that pay out royalties on her song “B*tch Better Have My Money.”

However, you may wonder to what extent this should be in the form of an NFT. If there was really interest in that, you could still bring those kinds of things to the market without blockchain technology.

This does not require decentralization.

That is often what people like Johnson miss. There is no added value with these types of solutions. Often these are such minor applications that it is almost a waste of time to deal with them.

Investing in the royalties of a music song. In few cases that will be very lucrative.

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