French President Emmanuel Macron, during a state visit to Germany, announced that France and Germany will discuss all possible scenarios for establishing lasting peace in Ukraine at the next meeting of the Franco-German defense and security council.

The discussions will take place in Berlin, where Macron met with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

“At the next joint meeting of the defense and security council, we will discuss further assistance to Ukraine in its resistance to the end, its armament, support, training, as well as readiness for any scenarios to build a lasting peace, in other words, a based on respect for international law,” said Macron.

Macron emphasized the importance of peace based on respect for international norms and the sovereignty of countries:

“Today, being on the side of peace means giving power to the law. Peace is not capitulation. Peace is not a refusal of principles. Peace is the ability of a country to defend its borders and sovereignty, as well as to build lasting peace. This is the field we chose. This is the field of right to long-term perspectives.”

Macron’s visit, which lasts from May 26 to 28, also includes meetings with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and participation in a session of the joint defense and security council, followed by a joint meeting of the two countries’ councils of ministers. This is the first state visit by a French president to Germany in 24 years.

With information from TASS


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