During the day of Wednesday, December 20, and the following days, the streets were protagonists of the first day of struggle against the Milei Government and its political allies. The challenge to the Bullrich-Milei repressive protocol had a first test in favor of the workers who mobilized. At night, in response to Milei’s decree and the announced war plan, the pots and pans began to ring and with the conquest seen by millions in the daytime mobilization, they took to the streets, taking over Congress as a forceful message against what was announced on the national network. The tide continued the following days. From Enfoque Rojo, a collective of photographers, we not only seek to show what the mainstream media hides, but we also accompany and were part of the fight to win back the streets. We thus present the following gallery of images.

Plaza de Mayo / Fiscal adjustment / Javier Milei / Cacerolazo / mega DNU

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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