Leopold Aschenbrenner, a former security researcher at ChatGPT developer OpenAI, expects that artificial intelligence will no longer be distinguishable from humans by 2027. In professional jargon, this level is called artificial intelligence artificial general intelligence (AG).

The potential of artificial intelligence

In the 165-page document, Aschenbrenner discusses the future of artificial intelligence. More specifically, he writes here about “Situational Awareness”, the ability of artificial intelligence to be aware of the situation/context in which they find themselves.

In his essays, Aschenbrenner pays specific attention to AGI, the type of artificial intelligence that must therefore be a form of intelligence comparable to humans.

We currently still have AI that can mainly perform specific tasks well, but we are getting closer to AGI.

Ultimately, “the big goal” or end station is to create a super intelligence, Aschenbrenner claims. Before we achieve that, he first foresees AGI for 2027.

That could be a special moment if he is right, because then in theory you will have a future that revolves around computer power. Whoever has the most computer power will be able to win every battle.

For example, you could also imagine that Newsbit’s competitors will emerge, run entirely by artificial intelligence, without readers realizing it.

What does this mean for society?

It is difficult to predict in advance what this means for society and especially for Bitcoin. For society it could go both ways.

Many of the jobs we have now will soon no longer require people. Could that be a moment when a basic income could become realistic? A future in which you only have to work if you want more in life.

You still have to be able to compete with artificial intelligence, which may do everything faster and better than you. In such a future, it seems especially important that you are handy in the physical sense of the word.

On the other hand, it will take years before people get used to the fact that financial reporting or other matters are purely the work of robots.

What do you think? Will artificial intelligence completely revolutionize society in the coming years?

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Source: https://newsbit.nl/voormalig-onderzoeker-openai-ai-niet-te-onderscheiden-van-mensen-in-2027/

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