Caldo Verde with Sausage

This Friday a new march is taking place in the streets of San Salvador de Jujuy, while a dozen courts are maintained in different parts of the province.

While the salary demand of some unions and the broad rejection of the constitutional reform continue, the main reason for the new mobilizations is the rejection of the hunt that Morales and the Judiciary have unleashed on those who have been demonstrating.

As we have been reflecting, this week there were arrests of political, social and union leaders who participated in the demonstrations on June 20. There are nine people detained with extravagant arguments, while the Government does not investigate anything of the brutal police action that has already left 4 protesters without an eye, a teacher who suffered torture, illegal searches and the use of vehicles without a license plate.

Teachers from ADEP and CEDEMS, municipal workers and other unions participate in the marches. Also social and political organizations. Among them Seom, Movimiento Evita, PTS, MTR-Cuba, Polo worker, PO, MTR-April 12, MAR, CTA AUTÓNOMA, Barrios de pie.

News in development.


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