Popular blockchain-based extraction shooter Shrapnel recently took action against players who used illicit methods to gain an unfair advantage in competitions.

Company identified users engaged in teaming and account sharing, two against-the-rules strategies, during an early access event. These practices, which particularly disadvantage solo players, can lead to a permanent ban from the game.

Focus op teaming

Teaming, where players work together outside of permitted team game modes, and the use of one account by multiple players from different devices undermine the integrity of the game. Shrapnel’s developers have systems in place to detect such activity and have warned that violators will be removed from the STX leaderboard and risk being permanently banned.

The company emphasizes the importance of reporting community abuse, especially as the game prepares for a full launch. This phase will bring new challenges, including the integration of NFTs and other digital assets.

Despite criticism from the community over the harsh approach, which would disadvantage some guilds and team players, Shrapnel assures that only players who try to unfairly take advantage of the system will be dealt with. The focus is on maintaining a fair playing field for everyone.

US players unable to cash out in-game assets

Furthermore, Shrapnel announced that due to regulatory challenges with the SEC, players in the United States are currently unable to cash out in-game assets. This decision, which was made in September 2023, does not restrict American players in other aspects of the game. Despite this, the team behind Shrapnel, Neon, is hopeful that these restrictions will soon be lifted, allowing US players to transfer their accumulated capital to their bank accounts.

This news underlines the challenges and opportunities involved in developing and regulating blockchain-based games, where fairness and accessibility are at the heart of the gaming experience.

Source: https://newsbit.nl/strijd-tegen-oneerlijk-spel-in-de-blockchain-game-shrapnel/

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