In a bold move to expand its influence in the Dutch market, ICONOMI recently acquired Triaconta, a Dutch company registered with De Nederlandsche Bank. This marks an important step for ICONOMI, which aims to strengthen its European presence and prepares for the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA) registration.

This conversation with Peter Curk, CEO of ICONOMI, and Christiaan Jimmink, Country Lead for the Netherlands, sheds light on their strategies, vision and what investors can expect.

Vision and Mission: No Bondage, Only Returns

“ICONOMI is not driven by traditional missions or visions,” Curk begins. “Our focus is on performance, user experience and maximizing returns. In an industry where visions rarely lead to revolutions, we focus on tangible results and growth.”

Entry into the Dutch market: A logical step

Jimmink clarifies: “With a strong community of digital pioneers in the Netherlands, and after Brexit, we were looking for a new European home. The acquisition of Triaconta not only provided an operational base but also a springboard for further expansion within Europe, with the Netherlands as a potential headquarters.”

ICONOMI’s development and milestones: From ICO to leading platform

“From our successful ICO in 2016 to our registration with the UK FCA in 2021, we have continuously adapted to market needs,” Curk explains. “With a focus on user experience and growth, we have improved and expanded our platform to become a leading crypto copy investing platform.”

Platform functionality and application: Convenience and security

“ICONOMI allows users to invest by copying strategies from experienced investors,” explains Jimmink. “Our priority is liquidity and transparency, with more than 200 investment strategies available to users.”

Future plans and innovation: Regulation and growth

“With increasing regulation in the EU, such as the MiCA directive, we are well positioned to grow and make acquisitions,” says Curk. “We continue to upgrade our product offering, focused on user interests and positive returns.”

How does ICONOMI guarantee the security of users’ funds?

“The safety of user funds is paramount,” Jimmink emphasizes. “Our segregated accounts and proven technology infrastructure provide a solid foundation for investor confidence.”

What makes ICONOMI unique?

“In the Netherlands we distinguish ourselves through our social trading platform for investors and advanced portfolio management for companies,” Jimmink adds. “This makes ICONOMI unique on the market.”

Conclusion: A future-oriented approach

With its expansion into the Netherlands and plans for further European integration, ICONOMI remains a major player in the evolving world of crypto investing. Their focus on innovation, user experience and regulatory compliance promises stable growth and value for investors worldwide.


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