We reproduce the call voted this Wednesday in the coordination space of sectors in struggle, combative unionism, social and cultural organizations, picketers, neighborhood assemblies, students, retirees, environmental, women and diversities, human rights and political organizations of the left, which They will be the conveners of the Meeting. These days we will reflect who is calling and the preparations for this important step to build an alternative against the adjustment and the politics of the union and social leaders.

For a fighting plan until the Milei Plan is defeated

Unions, sectionals, combative internal and delegates, independent picketing movements, popular assemblies, culture, in defense of the environment, women and dissidents, students, human rights, retirees and pensioners, people with disabilities, sectors in struggle , left-wing political organizations, we resolve to call a meeting of employed and unemployed workers, popular assemblies and fighters from all areas, on April 27 at 11 a.m. in Plaza de Mayo, to support and promote all struggles , coordinate actions, take initiatives to defeat the plan of attack on all workers by the Milei government and debate a comprehensive proposal so that the crisis is not paid for by the workers and the people, but by the IMF, the Multinationals and the big businessmen. .

On April 23 we will mobilize massively with students, teachers and non-teachers to defend the public university against the brutal attack by the Milei government, also rejecting the self-adjustment of the rectors.

Faced with the strike of May 9, this April 27, we are going to debate the need to promote assemblies and plenary sessions of delegates and fighters, to guarantee a great national strike, for a plan of struggle and against the policy of it being an isolated strike, as as well as discussing how to intervene independently on May 1st.

We also demand that all labor unions hold a national strike with mobilization, in the face of the imminent treatment of the Omnibus law that the ruling party is negotiating with Peronism and the “dialogue” opposition. Down with the DNU and the repressive protocol of Bullrich and Jorge Macri.

We vindicate the great mobilizations of December 20, 2023, the banging of pots and pans, the massive mobilization during the January 24 strike and the independent column demanding the national strike and plan of struggle, and the mobilizations against the Omnibus Law.

We call for this meeting to support and promote the struggles that are taking place against layoffs and for salaries, in defense of the university and public education, and a national struggle plan until we defeat Milei’s plan and the adjustment of the governors of all political signs. Fight plan, which we have been demanding from the bureaucracy of the CGT and the CTA.

The CGT has not continued the January 24 strike despite the layoffs, the brutal adjustment, the destruction of pensions and the entire anti-worker agenda that the government has been developing. Now he calls for a strike without continuity, while negotiating labor reform.

The massive events of March 8 and 24 were forceful demonstrations of the popular will to confront Milei.

The same as the great teacher strikes, the fights against layoffs and for salaries, which sweep through the unions, and the enormous days of the piquetero movement against the government’s hunger policy.

For all this, we will meet on April 27 at 11 a.m. in the Plaza de Mayo and we call on all sectors that have been confronting this government to participate to defeat it in the streets and break the adjustment that is at the service of big capital. and the IMF and the repressive offensive of Milei and Bullrich and the criminalization promoted by the provincial governments.

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