The workers of America TV This morning they encountered a serious attack from the employers when they arrived near the canal to take up their jobs.

The company of Daniel Vila and Claudio Belocopitt promote an employer Lock Out. That is, they closed the blinds and did not let anyone in, in retaliation against the fighting measures that the workers have been taking in defense of their salaries.

At the entrance door, each worker received a Document letter when trying to pass. “Your employer exempts you from providing services as of today,” the letter begins. He then says that it is a “consequence of serious non-compliance on his part.” [la de los trabajadores] and motivated by the modality and methodology chosen to exercise the right to strike within the framework of the collective labor dispute maintained by Satsaid in the open television activity”.

Meanwhile, the channel’s grid will operate with “canned” programming, that is, recorded programming that will be repeated on air while they do not allow jobs to be filled.

This is a real squeeze against the workers. We are talking about companies that, despite the fact that increased customer payments After the release of Milei prices, they continue to pay increases below inflation.

He Satsaidthe union that represents those who operate broadcast and cable television, demand a 108% increase in 3 steps and a compensatory sum.


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