The national deputy visited the province of Neuquén this Friday to support the provincial and municipal candidates of the Left Front. Bregman was voted last weekend as a pre-candidate for president, together with Nicolás del Caño as vice president, by assemblies of thousands of PTS militants and sympathizers as a proposal to the other members of the Left Front.

Bregman traveled to Neuquén to accompany the formula of the Left Front for the provincial elections headed by Patricia Jure and Raúl Godoy, and also the candidacy of Andrés Blanco as deputy, Angélica Lagunas as mayor of the Capital, and Priscila Otton and Julieta Katcoff as councillors.

In dialogue with different media outlets, Bregman assured that “in Neuquén the candidates fight in the campaign, but when it comes to defending the interests and businesses of the oil companies there are no big differences. Together for Change, the Frente de Todos, the MPN or Figueroa are the ones that supported the agreement with the IMF and the adjustment budgets, which the working people are suffering today. He also referred to the benefits of Vaca Muerta that all the candidates talk about. “The benefits are for the multinationals to fill up with money and that does not go to the popular sectors. The theory of the spill is a lie, while the oil companies are filled with benefits, such as zero withholdings, poverty grows, there is a lack of housing, or directly the gas in many homes”.

Asked about how to deal with this situation, the presidential candidate said that “it is taking measures so that the workers do not pay for the crisis. For that, the interests of big businessmen must be affected, fighting for example for the nationalization of the energy industry under the management of its workers and communities, to put an end to looting and contamination. Or as we propose with my colleague Nicolás del Caño, establishing a 6-hour working day, 5 days a week, with a salary equal to the family basket, which would allow the generation of more than a million jobs if it is applied only in the 500 largest companies in the country.

In this regard, he added that “the current Frente de Todos government did not fulfill any of its campaign promises, and the recent failure of the Juntos por el Cambio government is still etched in memory. But the way out is not as the libertarians say, deepening the neoliberal policies that led us here, which would imply applying a greater adjustment to the working people. That is why we say that the exit is to the left”.

After speaking with the press, Bregman visited the workers’ efforts in Neuquén, since she has been a lawyer for the workers of Zanon for more than 20 years. She toured the Neuquén Ceramics and the Traful Newen textile cooperative.

On Saturday at 6:30 p.m. at the Casa Marx Cultural Center, at San Luis 820, he will participate in a meeting with workers, women and youth.


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