As published by El Pais, the exit polls by El Financiero, Enkoll, Televisa, and TV Azteca give Claudia Sheinbaum the winner, by a large majority, which would reach 28 points. Meanwhile, the first data from the PREP, whose trend must be confirmed in the next few hours and may vary, gives 59% to the official coalition candidate, about 28% to Xochitl Galvez, while Jorge Maynez would be close to 9%.

In this way, Mexico would have the first female president in North America. “We are the generation that will guarantee, inspired by Claudia Sheinbaum, the change in the destiny of women in the country forever, and that is the best inheritance that we can leave to our sons and, above all, our daughters. The fourth transformation continues,” said Mario Delgado, president of Morena.

A very significant fact, since in Mexico the female vote was won in 1953 and the country since the 1990s has been known internationally for the terrible phenomenon of femicides. And this presidency is a continuation of other presidents in Latin America, such as Cristina Fernández de Kichner of Argentina, Michelle Bachelet of Chile and Dilma Roussef of Brazil. But just before the future of these governments, the fact that the executive power is embodied by a woman is not synonymous with the situation of women advancing, although it generates enormous hopes.

During AMLO’s government, femicides and violence against women did not decrease, rather the opposite happened. That is why every March 8 the streets of Mexico are dyed purple with massive mobilizations of women demanding an end to sexist violence and the right to abortion, while the hostile fences awaited them on the road from Paseo de la Reforma to the capital’s Zócalo. , during and after Claudia Sheinbaum’s management as head of government.

Sheinbaum’s victory will give continuity to Morena in the government, with the legacy of López Obrador who won popular support with measures such as increases in minimum wages, the extension of vacations, pension reform and social plans, to the par that preserved the interests of the big capitalists, and the economic, political and security subordination to the United States.

But this strength coexists with elements of vulnerability: the dependence on exports to the United States and remittances from migrants, which can fail in the event of a decrease in the slow growth of the international economy or a recession, the discontent that begins to express themselves among workers in the educational sector, as seen with the CNTE’s fight for the complete repeal of the educational reform, the repeal of the ISSSTE law of 2007 and for the 100% increase in salaries and the disillusionment of relatives of missing persons, as demonstrated by relatives of the 43 Ayotzinapa normal students.

In different ways, in the annulment of the vote on behalf of the disappeared, of the murdered environmentalists, in support of the struggle of the CNTE teachers and against the genocide in Palestine, it accounts for those voices that question to the Fourth Transformation, of which we are part of the Independent Left Bloc of which the MTS participates.

The projected defeat of organized crime, as evidenced by the Iguala massacre and the forced disappearance of the 43 normalistas from Ayotzinapa and the disastrous consequences of the militarization inaugurated by the government of PAN member Felipe Calderón in 2006.

The third in dispute, Jorge Alvárez Maynez, from Movimiento Ciudadano, had everything to win, and with a campaign that combined a progressive profile associated with the legalization of marijuana, soccer and youth, with proposals to advance the privatization of the health and education.

The election on June 2 confirms the rejection of neoliberalism parties and expectations of improvements in living conditions. It remains to be seen if the new government will be able to live up to those expectations that millions have placed, or will it disappoint them. The struggles that sectors of workers, youth and women have waged, as well as the one that the CNTE is now waging, raise the need to develop an independent perspective from both the government and the right.


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