Omar Perotti He is known to be an opportunist. A great sniffer of crises in political spaces and the direction of political changes. He is the first to get on the ship of success and the first to get on the lifeboat when that ship is wrecked. Today, that sport of political relocation, in which he is an Olympic champion, led him to do a wink to the candidate of the most extreme right, Javier Miley. The governor of Santa Fe said that in a possible runoff between Patricia Bullrich and the screaming economist, I would vote for Milei. Surprise? No.

Among Menemists they understand each other

Similarities with Milei, they have, let’s say everything. Both are fervent supporters of the government of Carlos Menem, so claimed by Milei. Omar Perotti was an official of Carlos Reutemann, the greatest exponent of Menemism in Santa Fe. He was not just another official: he was in charge of privatizing the Banco de Santa Fe, as part of the Menemist policy that “nothing that should be state It will remain in the hands of the state. Yes Perotti was a militant of neoliberalism.

Was it just? In honor of the truth, Perotti still today continues to promote a policy of systematic adjustment of public health and education, with a particular predilection for stigmatizing teachers, to whom it applies discounts for days of unemployment. Tell me who is protesting against you and I will tell you what political interests you defend: Perotti during the years of his government received protests from teachers, nurses, drivers, pediatricians, homeless families. The rights and achievements of all these sectors were violated by Perotti. Wherever there is a right, Perotti sees a threat.

Omar and the Vicentin “caste”

Just as Perotti was, is and will be a militant against the rights of workers and workers, he is a fierce, tireless, heroic defender of the interests of the soybean homeland, of the cereal companies, of the “caste” of the Stock Exchange. Commerce of Rosario, of the big businessmen. Where there is a privilege, Perotti sees an opportunity to defend it. Like Milei, yes.

The Vicentin case was the most notable example. More pathetic, bah. Vicentin defrauded Banco Nación, salaried workers and small producers in the north of the province, bankrupting one of the most powerful cereal companies in the country, in the midst of a pandemic and a boom in the price of cereals. Not only that, but in the toughest moment of the quarantine, the company manager, while the families of the popular sectors were crowded together in a forced confinement, took a yacht ride through the generous arms of the Paraná River.

At that time, the national government threatened, without much conviction, to expropriate the company and set up a “national flag” grain company. Then he went to an intervention. From the intervention it went to nothing. Vicentin today handles the bankruptcy judge and the “dream” of a cereal company that produces cheap food and regulates the price in such a sensitive area, remained just that: a dream. The most effective handbrake for that slowdown was Omar Perotti. A conspicuous friend of the cereal companies, he would never allow a friend like Vicentin to get screwed. Because Perotti, whether he says it more openly or is careful for reasons of electoral damage, he believes that companies have the sacred and inalienable right to do whatever they want. Like Milei, yes.

Sequels of a malmenorism that does not go anymore

In all honesty, these sayings by Perotti are not very surprising, because by Perotti no right-wing saying or action can be very surprising. Perotti, basically, is that. The curious thing, in any case, is that all Peronism, including Kirchnerism, has sold that a staunch defender of the businessmen who benefited the most was an alternative to confront the right. He was so little alternative to the right, that today he says that he would vote for Milei over Bullrich, instead of having the decency to say that you don’t have to choose between right-wingers and repressors like that.

Such is the confusion and laundering that was made of the figure of Perotti, in order to sell an alleged lesser evil against macrismo, that even the Future City of Juan Monteverde and Caren Tepp, who always wielded a speech of political independence, today He is on the same front as Omar Perotti. Yes, the same front as the governor who says that he would choose Milei in a right-wing ballotage.

But beware: it is not an exception. He says it days after Berni acknowledged that Peronism put together the lists for him and took care of the tickets for Milei’s party. Any speech that Massa must be supported to prevent the right wing from winning runs up against the very brutal adjustment policy applied by the Peronist government by design of the IMF. And he stumbles even more when he sees that Peronism is functional, supports and gives air to the worst right. Perotti’s unfortunate example is nothing more than an expression of this. Faced with so many but so many examples of this, one thing is clear. That the alternative to the right is from the left, from below and with the workers and workers. And that the left, as Myriam Bregman said, is not and will not be an accomplice or subject. It seems that others do.


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