This Thursday the Indec released the data inflation. In September prices increased by 12,7 % monthly, and in the last twelve months the increases have already reached 138,3 % accumulated.

A big underlying problem is the lack of dollars in the country. Argentina generates a lot of dollars, but the capitalists have a lot of mechanisms to escape them and then they pressure for devaluations that increase prices.

Four proposals of the Left Front program Myriam Bregman to stabilize the currency and prevent it from continuing to deteriorate popular salaries and incomes:

1) Protect salaries and pensions

Inflation is an invisible mechanism that allows companies to devalue wages and increase profits.

With this government, the workers transferred U$S 70,000 million to the capitalists (the rich got richer).

If President Massa does the same as Massa Minister, grab your pockets, because you have already devalued at the request of the IMF and the only thing you have achieved is to add more fuel to the fire of inflation

We need to recover what was lost with an emergency increase in salaries and pensions and protect them from rising prices with an automatic update every month

And if big businessmen cry that they have losses, let them open their accounting records and prove it.

2) Stop the looting of dollars with the nationalization of the banking system

And single state bank administered by its workers would allow savings and credit to be managed based on production, consumption and housing needs. Furthermore, protect small saver from market shocks and avoid currency flight mechanisms.

Nothing to do with the proposal mercy to close the Central Bankly give all the power to the private banks.

The banks that Milei defends are those that facilitate dollar leak of large companies with financial engineering dedicated to that, as demonstrated in the 2001 crisis. dollarization it would imply a brutal attack on the wage and a confiscation of the small saver.

3) Another measure to preserve dollars, nationalize foreign trade

Today foreign trade is controlled by a few companies, mostly multinationalswith their private ports, and that speculate on the hunger of the people.

With this, illegal maneuvers with currencies end and a democratic decision could be made. what the country needs to import and what it doesn’t.

4) Break with the IMF that demands even more devaluation and adjustment

It is key to stop paying the millions of dollars of the debt illegitimate y fraudulent.

Until 2032 there are expirations of US$ 18,000 million per yeara crazy thing that we never finished paying for.

Debt must be ignored in a sovereign manner, because it is through it that
They keep us subdued.

“The working class has to intervene in defense of the country’s resources”

There are no magic recipes for inflation, but there are clear responsible: big businessmen and their governments and the IMF. It is clear that the way out is not there, we have to give it from below.

If between workers, small business owners, the unemployed and all those affected by the crisis and inflation we organize and mobilizethese measures are not only possible, they are the only realistic way out for us.


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