At noon on Friday, a new activity was held to denounce the criminalization of protest, which includes repression, political prisoners and attacks on organizations and their leaders. It was held next to the Obelisco in Buenos Aires.

The protest was organized by the Piquetero Struggle Front, which is supported by the Polo Obrero, MTL, Torre, MTR 12 de abril, MTR Votamos lucha por el Cambio Social, among other organizations. Spokespersons from the different organizations took the floor.

The organizers stated that “not only are the most basic needs of workers at stake, but democratic freedoms are also in danger when there are prisoners for protesting. Freedom now for Daniela Calarco, national leader of the MTR Votamos Luchar por el Cambio Social and the 4 comrades imprisoned for fighting. Close the cases against all those prosecuted for fighting.”

The activity is part of a campaign that includes different initiatives, including the important event that took place yesterday in Plaza de Mayo, as part of the Mothers’ Circle, with the participation of relatives of political prisoners, human rights organizations, left-wing organizations and students.

We must step up our campaign against the criminalization of protest, attacks on democratic freedoms and for the release of all political prisoners.


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