Interviewed by Luis Bremer on AM 750, the candidate for national deputy of CABA for the Left Front, Patricio del Corrodenounced the modification to the rental law voted in the Chamber of Deputies this Thursday and gave an account of the reality of the real estate market and the housing crisis for millions of tenants.

“With this modification to the rental law, the situation is going to be a nightmare for tenants” Patricio del Corro shot at the beginning of the interview. The modifications to the Rental Law promoted by the real estate business stipulate that the contracts go back to being 2 years (instead of 3 years), with price updates every 4 months at least (instead of every 1 year as it is today). , and that the parties agree on which index to use, having as an option those prepared by INDEC: inflation (CPI), wholesale prices (IPM), and/or salary index (RIPTE, which only takes the those registered), or a combination of them.

Let us remember that this Thursday the modification to the rental law was approved in the Chamber of Deputies, a modification in favor of the real estate lobby and against the millions of tenants. The vote in the Senate is awaited for its final approval. The modification against the tenants started from the Juntos por el Cambio project, while the Milei bloc enabled the quorum to be able to be dealt with, Peronism had 13 absences of deputies and one abstention that would have allowed the project to stop. For its part, the left denounced it and confronted it en bloc, as denounced by Myriam Bregman “Congress is full of large landlords, they don’t even go to the supermarket, but the situation is terrible”.

For his part, Patricio del Corro gave an account of this pressing reality for millions of tenants that in the City of Buenos Aires turns directly into a nightmare. “Investment and speculation in bricks promoted by large real estate, construction and financial companies as a form of value refuge, means that an important part of the City has empty houses” It gave an account of a reality that can be seen with the naked eye in neighborhoods like Puerto Madero. “Given this, we must impose a strong progressive tax on idle housing, a way of forcing them to put the apartments on the rental market. And we are not talking about a retiree who has a property, but about those who have several properties such as real estate developers ”

Another big problem in the City of Buenos Aires is rents in dollars for tourism, known by the great Airbnb platform. As in the case of empty houses, you can never compare and put in the same place a retiree who rents a room for tourists from tourist chains that even build from scratch for this purpose. They build in pesos and rent in dollars, a round business that empties the real estate market for homes for residents of this city. Del Corro raised “A registry of homes for temporary or tourist rental is necessary with strong regulation and limit the number of properties for this business of real estate octopuses”.

At the end of the interview, Patricio remarked that “We must mobilize so that this modification does not end up being definitively approved in the Senate and along with this, campaign strongly for a progressive tax on idle housing”.


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