The Government presented a new wording of the Omnibus Law to continue dealing with the collaborationist opposition. In the pension chapter, it is proposed to maintain the current mobility until March and then begin to update for inflation. The national deputy of the PTS-Left Front criticized very harshly.

This Monday a text was known that incorporates modifications to the Omnibus Law project. It is the Government’s response to the demands and requests of the collaborationist opposition (UCR, the PRO and Hacemos Cambio Federal) and the governors. Are trying to agree on a standard that allows them to guarantee a wild adjustment although part of it must happen in the coming months and be dealt with in ordinary sessions.

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In the text that was disseminated, in the section titled “Mobility of benefits”, It is stated that “the Government is going to comply with the quarterly adjustment that corresponds to all retirees in March, respecting the current formula. Starting in April, an automatic monthly inflation update begins based on the latest inflation data available from INDEC. This way, retirees are guaranteed to maintain their purchasing power.”

This, if approved, implies a new confiscation against the income of millions of retirees. Immediately, the national deputy Nicolás del Caño (PTS-Frente de Izquierda) came out to harshly criticize the modification.

On his social networks he noted that “Milei froze retirements in his first month in office with 25% inflation. The new wording of the project proposes continuing with the current formula until March, that is, a greater reduction in pensions. Proposing the x CPI update starting in April is a theft.”

Likewise, he stated that “they are going to “save” the update of a quarter. Not to mention if they eliminate the bonus to the minimum, it would directly be a cut of 35% more. They also maintain the liquidation of the FGS. “A new scam against those who have worked all their lives.”

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