The Alert

After the first 90 days of Milei’s government, public universities were terribly attacked with great defunding, meaning that their viability after May is not assured.

The national university of José C Paz is not immune to this adjustment, with a lack of hourly offer due to the cut of commissions, courses packed with students, ceasing to guarantee free study material for students of the University Entrance Course (CIU), something historic and characteristic of this university. The worst of the attacks were experienced by the CIU teachers with 60 dismissals and a cut in the salaries of the teachers who were left in charge. These are consequences not only of Milei’s plan and his attack on the financing of the universities, but also that this attack has been supported by the rector of the university (Dario Kusinsky) and the rest of the Unpaz management. This is clear proof that the managers cannot be trusted, who in order not to confront Milei apply their adjustment by attacking teachers and students.

The answer

Given this, a group of independent students, together with En Clave Roja and the Human Rights Secretariat of CEUNPaz de Abogacía, set up a Committee in Defense of Public Education, participating and coordinating with other universities in the Ruidazo Educativo area in the plaza. of San Miguel and the enormous march of March 24.

After more than 4 (four) meetings where dozens of students from different majors participated, now the challenge posed by the Committee is to hold a large student assembly throughout the university, calling all student organizations and groups but mainly the centers students, led mostly by Descamisados ​​and who have been worryingly inactive since the beginning of the year. Could this passivity be the product of not wanting to face Milei? It is very clear that their strategy corresponds with the rest of the Peronist organizations, just as they correspond with those who lead neither more nor less than the CGT: let Milei do the dirty work of adjustment, leaving devastated soil to be able to return in 2027 as if they were an alternative to adjustment. Putting the focus on waiting for the elections the only thing that can mean is the closure of universities, the food stopping reaching the canteens and thousands of layoffs like those seen in the State and in GPS – Aerolíneas Argentinas, to give just a few examples. of what Milei is looking for and Peronism lets him pass. That is why we call on all student centers to reconsider and make an active call to the assembly.

We consider that the exit is collective, unlike what the President proposes. We students have to join all the sectors in struggle, such as the GPS workers (outsourced to Aerolíneas Argentinas) who face dozens of layoffs and also the privatization of Aerolíneas Argentinas. There are also those dismissed from the State, who put up a great fight to keep their jobs. The Popular Assemblies give a great example of how to confront Milei: they were part of the government’s defeat of the Omnibus Law. In particular, José C Paz has his own assembly and from the committee we actively participate, creating a very important brotherhood for the struggles that are coming.

Finally, this student assembly has the objective of preparing a great educational march on April 25, calling hundreds of UNPaz students to participate, denouncing the government’s adjustment, denouncing that there is money, but it is taken away by big businessmen and the IMF That money has to go to education! We have to join those fighting to defeat Milei’s plan

Let’s be hundreds on April 17 at the UNPaz assembly, let’s fight for a workers’ university.


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