The current extreme right accuses its adversaries of being communists, while thousands of young people in the world are once again approaching the ideas of socialism based on the capitalist crisis and the fight for their living conditions, the war, the genocide in Gaza and the ecological crisis.

At the intellectual level, the recovery of the debate on communism has taken almost two decades, going through different moments. From claims of communism as an Idea with capital letters, to debates more focused on the problems of strategy and the dilemmas of the post-capitalist transition.

With this cycle of debates we want, from the Assembly of socialist intellectuals of Argentina, together with colleagues from Chile, Brazil and Mexico, to generate a space for collective discussion and reflection, addressing the question of communism from multiple aspects: its theoretical foundations , the debates on strategies that crossed the revolutions of the 20th century, its relevance in the face of the economic, social, cultural and ecological crisis, its relationship with the struggles of movements organized around specific demands and, ultimately, its validity for thinking about a alternative to current capitalism and imperialism. At the same time, we propose to generate inputs that collaborate in the ideological fight against the predominant common senses, characterized by the acceptance of this society.

We propose, following what Marx once said, that communism, in addition to an “end to be achieved”, becomes a “real movement” to abolish the current state of things.

If you are interested in participating, write to us at [email protected].


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