With the end of the first half of 2024 in sight, there are three major trends driving the markets: memecoins, real world assets (RWA) and artificial intelligence (AI). It is particularly striking that memecoins performed so strongly in 2024. This indicates that a real narrative within the crypto world is currently lacking.

Memecoins post a gain of more than 1,800%

In the first half of 2024, memecoins’ profitability exploded, with an average return of 1,834%. New tokens such as Brett (BRETT) and BOOK OF MEME (BOME) managed to capture the imagination and wallets of investors, with BRETT rising a whopping 14,353.54% from its introductory price.

“While it is of course not wise to put everything on memes (or any other sector), it is true that at the moment the funds and the volume are in memes. Those who have not jumped on this have missed a big opportunity,” says MacroCRG.

RWA and AI shine

Real World Assets (RWA) emerged as the second most profitable sector, with a return of 213.49%. Leading names from traditional finance, including BlackRock, have significantly propelled this sector forward.

RWA’s performance was bolstered by significant asset tokenization and positive regulatory discussions. This trend connects blockchain technology with tangible assets, integrating digital assets with the physical world.

The AI ​​sector also showed strong performance, with an average return of 71.56%, ranking third. Tokens such as Arkham (ARKM) and AIOZ Network (AIOZ) achieved impressive gains, highlighting the growing integration of AI with blockchain technology.

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