The popular, but operating under a pseudonym, Credible Crypto currently expects a lot from XRP. According to the analyst, there is a chance that XRP will enter a phase where it can leave both Bitcoin and Ethereum behind.

Credible Crypto sees that XRP now gives a bullish signal in the chart compared to Bitcoin, but also Ethereum.

Bullish over XRP?

It is now almost impossible to imagine that investors are still bullish about XRP. After the 2017-2018 bull run, the coin has not managed to revisit its all-time high.

But Credible Crypto doesn’t care and continues to invest in the coin.

“I am still in my XRP position and have purchased for the third time, my purchasing average is increasing. XRP/BTC and XRP/ETH just showed a bullish divergence on the three-day chart.

The period of outperformance I discussed in my last update on XRP may just begin,” the analyst said.

A bullish divergence means that an asset is gathering positive momentum even as the price falls or trades sideways.

250% increase for XRP?

In terms of its price target, Credible Crypto is betting on an increase of 250 percent compared to Bitcoin. That would see an upward move to the level of 0.000356 Bitcoin per XRP. At current prices we are talking about an XRP price of $2.55.

The analyst is also bullish on Ethereum. For the market’s number two, he predicts continued gains before Ethereum begins a significant pullback.

“With Bitcoin we have now managed to touch the old all-time high. Now everyone knows Ethereum is the inevitable next,” Credible Crypto said.

However, remember that we thought the same thing about XRP during the 2020-2021 bull run. Ultimately, there was no real bullish momentum and the all-time high was not set higher.

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