The final stage of the electoral campaign marked by a political decomposition in which everyone shows the fray. Editorial of “El Círculo Rojo”, a program on La Izquierda Diario that broadcasts on Thursdays from 10 p.m. to midnight on Radio Con Vos, 89.9.

  • It’s just over a week until general elections and the crisis worsened with all the actors in traditional politics showing, so to speak, their true faces.
  • He parallel dollar overcame the psychological barrier of 1.000 pesos this week and the consequence will be a new spike in prices which will be added to the chilling number reported today by Indec: inflation 12.7% in September compared to August and 138.3% year-on-year. There is an accumulated increase of 103.2% in the first nine months of the year. The report brought some chilling data: e.g. food inflation was almost 15% and in Mendoza the general average was 16.9%.
  • Given this scenario, the Minister of Economy and candidate Sergio Massa —while in the campaign he says that “the worst is over” and that if he is elected president starting next year everything will improve—he promotes a devaluation in installments or segmented following the rhythm of the market. That and nothing else was the unification into a higher price of the so-called card dollar, Qatar dollar and the savings dollar. As happened after the PASO, this is a preview of a new devaluation of the official dollar in the not too distant future.
  • On the other hand, Javier Milei is showing his true open-air plan. She poured gasoline on the fire exchange rate run when he called on the population to withdraw fixed terms and take refuge in the dollar and He stated that the national currency is pure excrement. That is, your long-term plan may be a dollarizationbut in the immediate future it is trigger hyperinflation the consequence of which will be a violent transfer of income from the working majorities to capital (a transfer that is already taking place, but that he wants to accelerate) Why does Milei do this? Well, for a double calculation: because he wants a bomb to explode in this Government and for most of the adjustment to occur now and because he considers that the worsening of the crisis favors him electorally. Do you understand? A general economic disaster is driven (which affects the majority of the population in daily life) because that politically favors their clique. Is there anything more chaste than that?
  • In this scenario of economic operations also take place political operations with the return of a “classic” in Argentine politics: the intelligence services. This is how Martín Insaurralde’s trips on yachts through Marbella, the “Chocolate” Rigau cards in the Legislature of the province of Buenos Aires or the audios by Carlos Melconián leaked to the press. This demonstrates two facets: on the one hand, the lack of morale of those “operated”of the escrachados, but also the lacks scruples from those who digitize such operations. One of the few things that seemed to be true about Alberto Fernández’s promises was that he was going to end the services and the services fired him with a festival of operations. The worst thing is “they operate with the truth.” Truths that in moments of “normality” remain hidden, but in moments of crisis they show us what traditional politics is made of.
  • In this same sense and as a sign of the impunity of which they feel they are beneficiaries, in the second debate a cross between Bullrich and Milei took place: The Juntos candidate told him that she had jets on her lists and that she was an ally of Luis Barrionuevo and Milei replied: “You have them too.”
  • The bet —more veiled in one case, more open in another— is that the crisis in general and inflation (or hyper if it breaks out) act as a disciplining factor of society in general and the working classes, in particular to move towards an economic reorganization that big capital has been demanding for a long time and that implies the loss of rights of workers who still retain achievements, a savage fiscal adjustment and a pension counter-reform. Prior to the establishment of the Menemist project, hyperinflation fulfilled that function. To put it synthetically: they stir up chaos for a new order.
  • But be careful, Menemism achieved its success on the basis of two premises more or rather three: the defeat of the fights against privatizations (that is, they had to face social resistance and defeat it) and, very closely linked to this, the conquista of a “political volume” that Menem was given by Peronism that was not as exploded as it is today. And the third element was a favorable international scenario to the orientation promoted by Menemism.
  • Beyond the fact that an eventual runoff apparently shows a certain strength of whoever emerges as the winner, the reality is that all factions of the “national adjustment party” to which the three major coalitions belong, are a minority. Including Milei or, perhaps, Milei in the first place. From that point of view the whole scenario is very open.
  • Now, in the face of this widespread chaos and even fueled by those who claim to offer governability and order, measures such as those proposed by the FAT: he ignorance of the debt with the International Monetary Fund (which is one of the ways in which dollars go, which is at the base of Argentina’s economic problem); the nationalization of the banking system governed by a law of the dictatorship that enables capital flight and bullfights; he foreign trade monopoly; the nationalization with workers’ control of strategic resources, They appear as totally rational proposals in the face of the irrationality and chaos that prevails. It sounds paradoxical because of the ridicule that the left is often accused of: “the worse, the better”, the other political forces are carrying it out and the left has proposals that in this scenario sound completely logical because they would introduce rationality (and order if you want) in the economy to get out of this chaos generated by capitalist “anarchy.”
  • In this frame, The elections are going to be another scenariothey are not going to solve the essential thing, although they do They will serve as a count to know the support obtained by the different sensitivities of the “national adjustment party” to impose a reactionary order and How much will those who want to face that perspective reap? for —paraphrasing Antonio Gramsci— fight to impose a new order.

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